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Fantasy Story Contest 2018
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1. General

These rules are approved by the organizers of the competition. If necessary, they can be changed.
To participate in the contest, stories are taken up to 3000 words written in English in the genre of fantasy.
The theme is not specified, it is limited only to the fantasy genre in all its manifestations (fantasy, epic, dark, mystery, etc.).
The competition is not anonymous, one participant - one story, the number of participants is unlimited.
The works written in co-authorship are allowed, while the number of works from co-authors is limited to one story (if authors submit co-authored work, they can no longer submit work written solo).
The competition is held in two stages: the first round - mob law, the second - the work of the jury.

2. The order of the competition, stages and dates
Admission of works:  October 22 - November 4, 23:59:59 London time
First round, grouping, the mob law (1 week): November 5 - 11
The second round, the work of the jury (1 week): November 12 - 18
Results of the contest: November 19
Attention! Deadlines can be adjusted in case of a large number of participants (another week can be added to the first self-contained tour), technical issues arise on the website or at the request of the jury.

3. Prizes
 First place. 50$
Second place: 25$
People's Choice Award: 15$ (story with the highest rating (will be considered overall rating and amount of users rated your story)
The cash prize is paid on PayPal (or bank account if from UK)

4. To the contest are accepted
Genre: fantasy in all its manifestations
Form:  short story
Volume: up to 3000 words

5.Won't be accepted into the contest
Previously published texts (with the exception of texts published in small editions of up to 500 copies), as well as their updated versions.
Winning stories of any online contests (first and other prizes), as well as their new versions
Your story entered in the contest must be your own original work, with the copyright held by you. No plagiarism is allowed.
The story must not contain any racial or religious discrimination against any other cultures or their lifestyles.
Stories containing a large number of errors (the text should be pre-tested in the program Word)
The organizers reserve the right to withdraw from the competition any text that, in their opinion, does not comply with the spirit and rules of the competition.

7. Procedure for submitting texts for the contest
To participate in the contest, the author must be registered on the Readitt.com portal.
The text of the story is added to the site through the author's personal account.
The length of the story is determined by the internal counter of the site and should not exceed 3000 words.
On the contest page, the author sends an application for participation and selects one of the stories.
The story is moderated and assigned the appropriate status.

8. Judging procedure
Entries accepted for the contest are divided into groups. The number of groups will depend on the total number of stories.
In the first self-contained tour, the authors read and rate the stories of the next group (if the author’s story is in group 2, the author reads and evaluates the third group, the authors of the stories allocated to the last group, read and rate the stories of the first group )
The stories inside the group will be rated by the author from best to worst with the help of points. The scale of points depends on the number of stories in the group. For example, if a group has 17 stories, then a 17-point scale will be used. Use the full range of estimates from 1 to N (where N is the number of stories in the group) is required.
Depending on the number of participants and the composition from the groups,  10 to 25 stories of the first round will pass to the second round.
The authors of the stories who didn't use the full spectre of points or didn't rate any works will be removed from competition.
In the second tour, works will be rated 1 to 10
With an equal average grade of stories both in the first and in the second round, preference is given to the story with the highest rating
Disputes that are not regulated by these rules are resolved by the organizers at their discretion.

5 of November we will publish a list of groups here and in the discussion post. You will need to check yourself.

1. The participant must establish which of the groups his story has entered. The participant must read and evaluate all the stories of the next in order group. For example, if a participant's story in group 5, he must read and evaluate the stories from group 6. The last group reads and evaluates group 1.

2. After reading all the stories and no later than October 31, 2018, the participant must vote for the stories of the selected group. How to do it:

 - - The participant must copy to himself a list with the names of the stories of the appointed group in the order in which they are published;

-- In front of each story, the participant place number(mark) in his opinion the story deserves in the group. From 1 to N (where N amount of works in the group) where 1 is the best story, 15 (for example) is the worst story;

- Everything must be done in Google document and when you copied your group works and evaluated them, send a private message to Gerry Volkov! with a link to the document. LAST DAY IS 11 NOVEMBER

Note: if you won't rate all the works in your group or won't send a link to the document, your work won't pass the first phase of contests.