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Another Hello
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:05:04 PM »

My name is Becky and I have been looking for a forum like this  for a while and finally here we are :)

I am a young (21) entrepeneur-y type who creates art projects and the like.
I have twitter @Beckydemmen would be cool to join some discussion on there too :)

I have read some of the stuff about world building on here and thought that this might be relevant - www.theanimusanthology.com - It is my interactive world building experiment. I have a bunch of stuff up already and then people can vote on what to learn about next. Would be cool to get some people on here involved. Just a fun way of doing it. Keeps me on my toes. Feedback is great too :D

I read a bit of everything. Loved the Mistborn Series. (OMG OMG OMG) So good! And of course, Lord of the Rings and other such goodness. Don't really know what else to say. But yeah. Would be cool  to chat :) I need to nerd.

- Becky

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Re: Another Hello
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2015, 09:08:24 PM »
Hello and welcome. :) Great to have you here.
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Re: Another Hello
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2015, 09:27:53 PM »
Would be cool  to chat :) I need to nerd.
In my office, we call ourselves (or are called) "functional nerds".
I want a t-shirt that says this. I will wear it proudly.
So, welcome!
Will check out the crowd-sourced worldbuilding.
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Re: Another Hello
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2015, 06:34:34 AM »
Another hello, another welcome to FF

I don't have twitter but I'll check the worldbuilding site, sounds interesting.