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I'm just about the start reading volume 1 of Constantine: The Hellblazer.
Now, I am a huge fan of the original Hellblazer series by Vertigo. I have it all. I tried the Constantine reboot sticking him into the DC universe properly and it was watered down beyond all but lip service. Awful. This new series has been recommended to me as more like the originals, so we shall see.

Is this any good?  We have a couple volumes where I work, but I haven't wanted to touch them because I was so disappointed by the end few volumes of original Hellblazer, and just disgusted by Justice League Dark and the like...  Sure the old times can't come back, but when even John Constantine is transmuted into schlock, what's the point in continuing?

Meanwhile in comics, I recently finished Exlibrium by Natalya Devova (interesting ideas -- wizards who track down rogue literary characters -- but a mediocre translation), Welcome Back v.1 by Christopher Sebela (again, interesting -- constantly reincarnating destined-enemy assassins, IN LOVE! -- but I don't know if I'm hooked), and The Witcher: House of Glass, by Paul Tobin, which despite never having played The Witcher, I really enjoyed.

Missed this. Constantine: The Hellblazer is a return to form. Devious and nasty John is back. Shame it's only 2 volumes.
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