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Author Topic: Altered Carbon Netflix UK 2/2/18  (Read 636 times)

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Re: Altered Carbon Netflix UK 2/2/18
« Reply #15 on: February 06, 2018, 11:52:43 PM »
I'm enjoying the Altered Carbon, but others I know can't stand it. Looks like it's a love it or hate it type series.

I would not call it love/hate. It's certainly too strong a word for me. I find it meh. It could have been better but it mixes its good ideas (surely due to the original book) with such old and worn cliches that can be seen in every other average/bad series, that it just ends up being bland and not really worth my time.
It's nowhere near as good as Stranger Things or Wesworld. Not as bad as the latest failed attempt at Star Trek. But I'm not bothered to go on after episode 5. I'm not even curious about the whodunnit. There is no tension there.  :-\

Yeah, love/hate is probably too strong. I watched the first episode with a couple of friends. I liked it, but they said, "I'll give it one more episode." After episode 2 they pretty much said what you did. "Meh. That's enough for me."

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Re: Altered Carbon Netflix UK 2/2/18
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Watched it through and as a stand alone it works. The book is in my TBR because my previous copy was read to death (I had help from a known book vandal) and I think the book is far superior.

I didn't like the Katana fights. I wince at those in everything, blade on blade is European style not Japanese. I loath the 'it's OK for cops to do bad things', Hollywood approach to everything. Ortega murdering the ghost walker in front of the entire police department and her boss is a new low from the morally dysfunctional. Felt there was a lot of gratuitous nudity in true HBO style not needed mostly not erotic or relevant to the story. Likewise the sex scene was soft focus awful either cut away or don't, that didn't work at all. The clone fight I thought was pretty meh, why waste your clones when she could have sleeved into the little girl in the first place? Dichan Lachman looked amazing though. Even 20 years ago doing full nude would have ended her career.
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Re: Altered Carbon Netflix UK 2/2/18
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I enjoyed it a lot at the start but I felt it deteriorated slowly, then quickly. The last two episodes just felt cliché and most of the setup felt like it was wasted. I get why they made some of the changes to the story, but as a result I felt they had to rely on revealing things we had no chance of guessing to seem clever. And that's not how I remember experiencing the book, at all.
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Re: Altered Carbon Netflix UK 2/2/18
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TBH by the time I stopped I had seen the rich dick being such an arrogant rich dick, I had zero curiosity as to "who-dunnit". Seeing the MC float from revelatory incident to women's bed to other incidents till he finally stumbles upon the truth held no interest.
I think the premise of "find out who killed my last body while I go on living" is a difficult one, and while the book may have handled it well (I've not read it), for me the show totally botched it.
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