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Author Topic: [Nov 2017] - Water - Submission Thread  (Read 147 times)

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[Nov 2017] - Water - Submission Thread
« on: November 01, 2017, 03:27:07 PM »

Most na Soci, Slovenia by Brian W. Lackey

This month we want stories, where water of any kind is a key element. Doesn't matter if it's a stormy sea, a misty lake, a polluted river, a frozen waterfall, a terrible flash flood, or a sentient geyser - water is incredibly diverse and we expect the stories to mirror this. :)


1. This must be prose or poetry.
2. Water of any kind must play a big role in the story.
3. Prose must be 500-1500 words long.
4. Poetry must be 100-750 words long.
5. One story per person or writing team (not per account).
6. You will be disqualified if you exceed the limits, full stop. That's why they're called limits.
7. Your entry can't be published somewhere else before.
8. This is a writing contest, not a "I have written something like this ten years ago" contest. So if you happen to have a story that fits one of the themes, I'd like it to have a mayor overhaul/edit. Work for it. ;)
9. Please add your story's word count and, if you have, your twitter handle.
10. Please put your story in [ spoiler ] tags to make the thread easier to handle. :) You can find them above the smileys under the B.

If you want so submit your story anonymously you can do so by sending it in a personal message to @xiagan.

Entry will close November 30th/December 1st, 2017 and voting will begin somewhere around the same time too.

All members are eligible to join. If you are not a member you can join here. Sign up is free and all are welcome! :)

The winner will have their piece displayed on the main Fantasy Faction website sometime in the next months.
Submitting a story counts as published. The author retains all rights to their work.

Remember that this thread is only for entries. Discussion or questions can be posted here.
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Re: [Nov 2017] - Water - Submission Thread
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2017, 03:31:09 PM »
Here is my submission, "I Am Wet." 666 words long.

Spoiler for Hiden:
I am water. I let the Tao flow freely and I guide it. I am at peace, but I am no stranger to turbulence.

As I lift my hands, I bring forth my chi from the center of my being. Today the Tao feels thick and rich as I start the first postures. I have been dreaming lately of the island I grew up on so long ago. I am distracted from the now and seeing the past. I focus and I look in the mirror at my five best students. They are all doing well so it is time for me to surprise them.

As we pause in the White  Crane Spreading Its Wings posture, I say, “I am honored to have taught and shared these simple motions with you. It is time that you see what is possible. It is time that I leave. I have been having dreams of the island I grew up on. I plan to visit my old home soon.
“You have all learned enough to grow on your own. I have nothing binding me here where I am today. Thank you for sharing this dream with me.”

“Sifu, when will you return?”

I ask, “Do you trust your Tao?”

My students are all much taller than I am. The sailors who took me were taller than the tallest men on our island and the children these days would, in turn, tower over those sailors. My students are ready to be masters. I wonder if I will meet any of them again.

“Sifu, we should have a party.”

I say, “This is our party.”

“Sifu, when will you return?”

I answer, “When it is time for it. We are all water. All things change.”

In the mirror, I look at my form. I am dressed in a fabulous and loose fitting white silk suit. The one sin I allow myself is vanity. Without greed I spent all I have on this suit. I am free to move on.

“Sifu, it is written that one should be like the stone at the threshold and it is written that we must be water.”

We turn and I am facing the glass wall overlooking the lake embraced by mist. I will miss this smooth wooden floor. I will miss this place of peace, but I, too, am water and change must be embraced.

I say, “The stone is a metaphor for modesty. Water is what we are. Only by flowing can you remain. Hard things shatter. Things held onto, age and crumble.”

As we start the patterns of fending off the monkey, things I need to release again rise up in my mind. I must forgive to be free of place and form. I release the sailors from blame. I release my captors who made me a eunuch. I release those who injured those that I loved. I release my angers and fears. These things are as dust and they are so long ago. I have forgiven all of these things before. It seems true forgiveness is a process and not an event. Nothing is stone. All is water. These things are all in the past and the past never was. Now is all that ever was and ever will be. Now and change.

“Sifu, when will you leave?”

I say, “Soon. As soon as I have balance.”

We begin the movements of our Hands Like Clouds. I release the physical and now I am drawn to the island of my ancestors. My memory of a house on wooden pillars draws me, but all things are water and that house could have not possibly withstood the ages that have passed. Now a hotel stands where a village once thrived. A swimming pool sparkles where children once ran.

I fall from the floor of the home that is no more and splash into the pool.

I stand on tip toe, head just above the water and breathe. I am water. I am also wet.
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