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Author Topic: Bargains in audible sale until 17th September 2017  (Read 269 times)

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Bargains in audible sale until 17th September 2017
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:47:22 AM »
Just to alert anyone here who belongs to audible.com. @Jmack I know and maybe @tebakutis @Peat and @ultamentkiller.

There is a US $4.95 each book  sale on just now with many many books. So far I have only looked through the SFF section and there are many good bargains including the first of several series mentioned here.

For example  Locke and Key, Homeland (Drizzt), The Fifth Season, A Darker Shade of Magic*, Sheepfarmer's Daughter, The Warded Man, Ship of Magic, We Are Legion*, 2001 A Space Odyssey, A Closed and Common Orbit* and many more that may appeal.

The ones *starred I have already bought in the past and can recommend the narrator as being excellent. The stories are, of course, dependent on your taste.

Have been tempted to pick up some oldies myself Alas Babylon, Elantris and Nine Princes in Amber so any comments about my choices will be welcome. 
Haven't even dared to look at the other categories - yet.  ;) This sale usually only happens once or twice a year so is very tempting.
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