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Looking for feedbackjomus2270
Music to Listen to while writingMatamelcan363628
Jobs or Degrees outside of Writing?Matamelcan493736
Anyone enjoy any sports? Or is writing your sport?Matamelcan373568
Why do Swords Always Feature in Fantasy?Davdjb705673
Favorite part of writing fantasy?Matamelcan242170
My Novel on Kickstarter!ernestas9320382
How do you fight inspiration block?AineCole71874
Any events going on in New York City?AineCole0513
Finished the map of my world and three stories to go along with it. lanceschaubert4885
Learning practical skillsPerfidious_Albion153104
Patreon ThoughtsNeila41382
A World Shared, A World Crowd-SourcedMTMaenpaa274468
Books by JoAnne MyersJoAnneMyers0712
News: "Twisted Love" JoAnneMyers0474
The Great BookSwedishHawk91909
Play by Post (PBP) RPG-Gauging InterestTravisGGAnderson142644
[June 2014] - Taboos! - Submission Threadxiagan93529
Camp NaNoWriMoNatersby0486
Working out / Exercise & Writing: a happy couple?mboronha61453
Night or day?Sherwood Smith31076
Self-publishing ExperienceJakeTheCyborg216477
The Puzzle of IdeasClark J. Rechner92572
How do you get inspired?zrwilliams274854
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