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The Eagle's Flight - free ebook insideTanniel2300
Amazon Giveaway for The Sigil BladeArchon Sigil0287
Secrets of the Throne - free ebook through Nov 22, 2015ccrogers3d1498
FREE 30th, 31st Oct - The Afterlife Decision: Chapter One: The Offer Get It NowMichael Smith3674
Giveaway for the SilmarillionArchon Sigil2588
18 a Vision Writers anthologyQuicksilver_Wolf1665
Goodreads Giveaway for THE FEAST!FarmerBrown51300
Huge Indie-pendence Anniversary BashauthorMPNess0531
Epic Fantasy, get The Ravenous Flock for FREE on Kindle! Now until April 6th!adriandiglio0443
'The Other of One' - next free promo - delay!phillo740510
My ebook 'The Other of One' is FREE on Amazon right now!phillo740590
FREE Dec 23 & 24th! Get The Ravenous Flock on Kindle now! adriandiglio0491
New YA Fantasy Authorcjsavage0600
The cheers, the beers and the tears of World Fantasy Con 2013AJDalton133390
FREE on Kindle! Get The Ravenous Flock nowadriandiglio0542
Oh no! Not another free ebook!DominoGalaxy0613
FREE - Gaspar And The Fantastical HatsScotwebman0637
Free Storyprofessional-liar0575
Free this weekend - May 25 and 26Duck Blood Soup0725
Free - May 17, 18, and 19 - Duck Blood SoupDuck Blood Soup0653
FREE 30-31 July 2013 - Gaspar And The Fantastical HatsScotwebman31004
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