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trope-trashing epic fantasy with magic and blood - 99 cents this weekDThoursonPalmer2170
Giveaway! 2 Kindle copies of Kip the Quick by Clifton HillHippieFromHell0164
Giveaway! 2 Kindle Copies Kip the Quick by Clifton HillHippieFromHell2399
Heir to the Sundered Crown on Sale Now!M.S OLNEY1278
FREE 30th, 31st Oct - The Afterlife Decision: Chapter One: The Offer Get It NowMichael Smith3715
Adversaries Together, Ascendant Realms Book 1danielcasey1671
Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue - humorous / comedic fantasyAndrewThornway0548
Epic Fantasy, get The Ravenous Flock for FREE on Kindle! Now until April 6th!adriandiglio0452
Suburban Fantasy Guaranteed To SuckWhirlio In Fantland0530
Presence series by Perie Wolford (new sci-fi trilogy)periewolford0746
FREE Dec 23 & 24th! Get The Ravenous Flock on Kindle now! adriandiglio0501
FREE on Kindle! Get The Ravenous Flock nowadriandiglio0562
Free Storyprofessional-liar0584
Black Redneck vs. Space Zombiesprofessional-liar0630
Inspired by King's "Dark Tower", an original new gunslinger fantasyAuthorSAHunt52041
NIMBUS Free Day was a Success! (Fantasy, Steampunk)professorbeej31029
What are your current projects?Fallen One13019438
Who do you write like?jefGoelz10819966
Portal FantasyAutumn2May308036
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