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Devil's Night Dawning [#1 Broken Stone Series]DevilsFriar040
Devil's Night Dawning - taking dark fantasy to the next level!!!DevilsFriar097
Spencer: A Symphony of Horror Free on kindle March 31st-April 4thNicholas Wynne0102
You want beautiful illustrations for your book?LunaJones0151
YA/NA Voodoo, Zombie Horror ComedyKathy Bryson095
Red Paradise is out today! Aliens meets a medieval Apocalypse jwbodden0306
A Discussion About the Addition of Horror Elements in some Fantasy NoteSpelling192725
FREE 30th, 31st Oct - The Afterlife Decision: Chapter One: The Offer Get It NowMichael Smith3710
Some Reflections on Stephen KingRonPrice0590
Sentient Inksentientink0363
The Shaker of Worldskarlbrown1040699
are there any good high fantasy films or TV shows except the lotr and gotandreasn106183
Black Redneck vs. Space Zombiesprofessional-liar0655
Oh. There's the introduction thread topics...maxwellm1644
Fox & Raven: Now accepting short storiesShanothaine72277
Black Redneck vs. Space Zombiesprofessional-liar0744
Who is your favorite character from your own work?AuthorSAHunt303545
Inspired by King's "Dark Tower", an original new gunslinger fantasyAuthorSAHunt52036
James Herbert - RIPkahless2917
What are your current projects?Fallen One13019391
Who do you write like?jefGoelz10819925
Portal FantasyAutumn2May308022
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