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Good Text-based RPGs?RLStevenson149
Powerful - Tome 1: The Realm of Harcilorsnlemoing030
Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead by Grant Hamiltonedwintersottawa036
Is historic fantasy better than speculative?RLStevenson15359
Spencer: A Symphony of Horror Free on kindle unlimited until 8 April!!Nicholas Wynne062
"Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" books?WogglebugLove Productions1129
Crown of Souls (the Quintessence Cycle Book 3)tcsimpson0102
You want beautiful illustrations for your book?LunaJones085
"Shades" - Urban Fantasy Thriller (4.7 / 5 * on Amazon) - Free until dec 30Arn5201
Fantasy MapsBlackheart2237
Mirror World seriesSimonVale0125
Fantasy Discussion and Journeycuprob18533
Ancora, a New Fantasy-Sci/Fi EmergesNamfoodlenackle0283
Limited Time Kindle DiscountSCyFlynn0193
The Venom King. A web comic with Kung fu.professional-liar0172
Lauching my crowdfunding campaign for a Fantasy TrilogyEdgar Matos0132
Dashvara Trilogy: The Prince of the Sand (Book 1)kaoseto0138
Places receptive to self promotionDevilsFriar0160
Fantasy Astronomy and AstrologyIndagare9410
Half a Step Away from LoveSimonVale0124
Interview with Jon Hollins, author of The Dragon Lords: Fool's GoldHippieFromHell0352
Red Paradise is out today! Aliens meets a medieval Apocalypse jwbodden0248
Giveaway! 2 Kindle copies of Kip the Quick by Clifton HillHippieFromHell0126
Giveaway! 2 Kindle Copies Kip the Quick by Clifton HillHippieFromHell2340
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