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Healer's RuinAphazail078
Secrets of the Throne - free ebook through Nov 22, 2015ccrogers3d1496
New Novel - Scifi/dystopian - "The Apostates" - Sample Chapterl_teen0371
Xipilik Hunters /dark fantasy ebook full of mystery, adventure, and demons! jpakid0473
The Little Girl and the ShadowMaster-sweez2699
Adversaries Together, Ascendant Realms Book 1danielcasey1655
18 a Vision Writers anthologyQuicksilver_Wolf1663
The Return of Prince Malock is out in ebook form for $6.99!Timothy L. Cerepaka0460
Epic Fantasy, get The Ravenous Flock for FREE on Kindle! Now until April 6th!adriandiglio0438
'The Other of One' - next free promo - delay!phillo740506
My ebook 'The Other of One' is FREE on Amazon right now!phillo740586
Presence series by Perie Wolford (new sci-fi trilogy)periewolford0715
FREE Dec 23 & 24th! Get The Ravenous Flock on Kindle now! adriandiglio0487
Oh no! Not another free ebook!DominoGalaxy0609
Demon Stone: A Dagr Brightsword Tale by Jake Scholl-- A Fantasy short story.JakeTheCyborg1970
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