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The Legends of Mythrous: Strange Landsbgmyhan1372
Heir to the Sundered CrownM.S OLNEY2736
Created Illustrations of the Monsters in my Novelwar0545
An epic tale of good vs. evil, that spans over 1,000 years.war0388
Dragon Guardian: FirePrimordya_Forever0622
Hello, W.A. Rusho herewar0401
Medieval Knights fighting Zombies?war0556
Fantasy Romance giveawayEricaDakin0566
YA Fantasy Series - Book 1 Currently FREE on AmazonColleen Ruttan0699
Anyone read Vorlak the Virgin Taker by Antonia Brook?Lightmaker153643
The Book of One: A New Age #1 in the Epic Fantasy Series by Jordan Baker ($0.99)JordanBaker11778
What Dragons Daredejl1874
Plot ChoiceDavidTheGreat164191
The Refining (Ore of Spirit series) Kindle booksD.E. Conner21046
Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?sisterite34566456
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