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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Are you in or out of the closet?
« Last post by Lady_Ty on Today at 03:47:45 AM »
I never cared if people saw what I was reading and always had a book for bus or train or lunchtimes at work. Didn't exclusively read SFF though, as I do more often now.  The only books people commented about at work were SFF and I was lucky because they turned out to like it as well and we would share and compare. Someone at work introduced me to Jack Vance and another to Eddings' Belgariad just at the right time to read with my son and that finally hooked him, although he had started off with LoTR and played D&D.
Among friends and family I only discuss it with my son and his friends, as nobody else wants to actually bother to read it. My daughter will tolerate some and I am working hard on my grandchildren with limited success. Yet they'll all watch Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, X-men, Dr Who etc on a screen.

My American Gods DVD should arrive any day soon and my eldest grandson and I have a weekend viewing lined up at my place, when we decide whether it is appropriate for his parents to watch  ;D ;D ( I know what to expect now and may make a strategic exit at a certain point so as not to embarrass him. He is 17 after all and has been warned. ;) )

I know better than to try and talk about Fantasy to most friends or acquaintances my age, although a very few, mainly men, have read and enjoyed SF, but fantasy gets the usual "Do you mean wizards and stuff?" I do not bother to try any further, they are not going to change.

Why do you think I escape to this haven where I can chat with people who enjoy the best reading? Bows down in appreciation.  8)
@Eli You were fortunate. Tourists (or foreigners for the most part) who talked with me or mentioned my country usually end up asking about the ladyboys, prostitutes, sex toys, and full-moon parties. I would usually have to refocuse the conversation on other nicety topics like great beaches, food, and etc. Although they aren't to blame, though, it's not their fault that shady parts of my countries do have those, and foreigners often visited them.
Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Disabled Heroes!
« Last post by S. K. Inkslinger on Today at 03:29:17 AM »
Hm, from other authors that I can remember.

In Prince of Thorns there's a road brother to Jorg, a very secondary character named Maical who is pretty much mentally disabled.

The Black Company has Goblin and One-Eye and I think one or both are dwarfs like Tyrion.
Soulcatcher at the end has one of her heels burned and starts limping around.
Darling is both mute and deaf and the characters learn sign language and even adapt it to military use.

The Divine Cities by Bennett has Mulaghesh who doesn't have one arm or hand.

The Folding Knife by K.J. Parker - the protagonist is deaf in one ear and is pretty much extremely emotionally insensitive.

The Gentleman Bastards - The Falconer after a session torture with Locke and Jean.

The Night Angel by Brent Weeks has Doll/Helene. Well, I don't think she counts, as she starts as a mute but later can speak.

I don't think Elene counts too, in terms of speaking. It's probably because she was too terrified during her childhood of the other street gang members to say anything. Her disfiguring scars, however, can prove to be a small disability, considering how people gawk and stare at her awkwardly.

As for disabled heroes, hmmh, most people have mentioned them, I think. My examples probably only came from the martial arts Chinese movies/ series I saw as a kid. I've only see blind heroes, or heroes who've lost limbs (usually their right arm), but end up being more skillful at the sword than their nemesis. It's just for pure plot device, ofcourse.
I sit down with my three sons in their 20s on a weekly basis, we eat and play and have fun and it costs me some snacks and drinks. Getting grown children to spend time with you is not a given.

I love how your grown up sons came to visit and have a fun time with you!  :D I'm planning to visit my parents at least every weekend in the future, to care for them and hang out with them and stuff. They are not going to get rid of me that easily, muhahahah!  ;D
Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Are you in or out of the closet?
« Last post by Elfy on Today at 03:20:52 AM »
I don't think I was ever 'in the closet' regarding my love of fantasy. Even when I started collecting comic books in high school no one really thought it was odd, just natural for me.
Actually on it's way* and looking great -


*Next year :)
Eli, in Paris people accost me in English, asking questions like Paris is a STORE and I'm wearing the UNIFORM.

"[Excuse me], where is XXX?"


I'm looking normal, speaking in French with my friend, how come it looks like you can rock up and not even apologize in English for not speaking french? How hard is it to learn words like "hello", "yes/no" and "sorry"?!
So that at worst you can say "hello, sorry – do you speak english at all?"
And then I'd be delighted to say why yes, I do, how can I help you?
That type of tourist usually gets treated like dog shit on new shoes by parisians. I always help, but I understand people turning their nose and walking away.

I once had someone totally lost, an American, ask me for the great centre of Art... Meaning the art done in the street by famous artists... Dude was making references to loooong lost days, when great names had open studios and some painted street scenes and stuff like that. His guide made references of all such streets and places, and he was under the illusion that it was still a thing, that great artists could be seen and I would be able to point him in the right direction.
Poor guy turned quite grey when I said people now work in private studios, and if they go out it's not something every parisian would know of. The avant-guarde is hardly happening in Paris anyway.

The thing that makes me hate tourists the most, in Edinburgh too, is their tendency to just stop dead in their tracks to look at things or at their guide. It's a street, not an attraction park! Stay aware of your surroundings!
Worse yet some won't leave me any room in small 2-people wide curbs. They see me walking down a long way off, and they stay there walking abreast with their pack.
Those I slam straight into, no questions asked. I'm an angry pedestrian.
Out of curiosity, do you ever experience tourists being weird/ignorant about your country? This morning I read an article about some of the more bizarre encounters reported by people in the tourism industry, and I almost raised my eyebrows above my head. Highlights include:

*Asking whether the coastline reaches all the way around Iceland, or how long it takes to drive to Europe. How someone could come all the way out here without realising we are an island is beyond me.
*Apparently believing that eruptions happen on schedule, and asking which time of year is best for seeing one. Tectonics do not work that way.
*Coming for the dual purpose of seeing the midnight sun... AND the northern light. Trivia: The sky has to be dark to see northern lights. Also, they don't occur predictably at 21:00.
*Asking whether there were a lot of glaciers this year.
*Complaining about a geyser being too brief, rather than a continuous jet.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Are you in or out of the closet?
« Last post by Nora on July 22, 2017, 11:26:36 PM »

Did it summon you??
Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Are you in or out of the closet?
« Last post by xiagan on July 22, 2017, 10:25:53 PM »
Did someone say Weeaboo?
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