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Not here that I know of, there is a tacit agreement to keep 'violent' stuff separate and behind closed doors
I’m looking for a light hearted and fun female superhero for my niece (under five)

Which won’t be too boring for an adult to read to her

Not too bizarre storylines

 and it be helpful to not have a half naked hero

captain marvel and super girl be okay?

General Discussion / Re: If you could meet ONE historical figure
« Last post by Peat on Today at 09:54:19 AM »
To answer this question I would first have to do a lot of research on which historical figures died while in possession of the largest amount of still unrecovered treasure.  8)
Read Alongs / Re: The Traitor God, part 1 - chapters 1 to 7
« Last post by cupiscent on Today at 06:49:21 AM »
After having an epic wrangle with my bookstore to actually lay hands on a copy, I feel very sheepish to be saying: I'm going to be setting this one aside. It is just not my thing. (Sorry, Cameron!)

But I persevered further with this book than I usually would with something that felt not-me (all the way through to the end of this first section), and I thought about it a lot more as a consequence, so I thought I might note down some of those thoughts.

Broadly, it boils down to something that I've been observing in a lot of books that have me putting them down somewhere in the first one to one-hundred pages: they're focusing on things I don't find particularly intriguing. Which is no fault of the book's; it's just written for an audience that isn't me, and I wish much joy to both them and the author. To be precise:
  • Things that interested me about the first seven chapters: the hole in Edrin's memory, the bond with Lynas, how both of those things shape him as a person; what happened with killing the god and that memory-hole; Charra; sentient murderblade.
  • Things that didn't: viking attack; Edrin dickslinging his way through the slums.
(I vividly remember the first mention of the hole in Edrin's memory being the bit where I literally sat up and was interested for the first time in reading, heh.)

But mostly, at the end of the first seven chapters, I'm quite happy to say that this looks like a rollicking revenge tale of mystery, consequences and badasses in ridiculous coats, but the character and emotional stuff has really just been tucked offhand into the nooks and crannies, and I prefer books where that stuff is more central and explored.
General Discussion / Re: If you could meet ONE historical figure
« Last post by J.R. Darewood on Today at 12:38:43 AM »
Maybe Paolo Freire
Proudhoun would be interesting to meet, as would Emma Goldman and Bakunin.
Maybe Rasputin. Nikola Tesla.
Man I can't pick one.  There are others but I'm worried they might kill me on sight.
haha, @Rostum some gyms do have sand bags, even if they're not boxing gyms or dojos ;)
[SEP 2018] Meetings / Re: [Sep 2018] - Meetings - Submission Thread
« Last post by Slaykomimi on September 23, 2018, 11:56:42 PM »
This time I put more effort into editing, I am still sure there are many errors and things that could be improved...

ANYHOW, it´s 1169 Words long.

going too far

Spoiler for Hiden:
„Welcome, nice to meet you, please shed all your ballast and follow me to the gathering“ is the first thing Markus heard after the door to the weird house at the edge of town opened. „Thank you for inviting me, I am allready excited“ Markus replied and started by taking off his bag and lay it to the corner where the other bags were stored and started to follow the man through the narrow rooms stuffed with bookshelfs. There were a lot of bags in the corner near the entrance, together with some staffs, an ax and two daggers. Nobody would ever suggest to find so much knowledge written down under such a simple roof.

They end up in a small circle room made of Stone with a metal ladder inside, „please follow me up to the dome“ the man said. It was a small tower with small round windows, with a wooden hatch on the ceiling. They climb through the hatch and arrive in a dome made mostly of glas, the night sky mostly illuminated the room, together with many different candles and fireflies, floating through the room. There are big carpets covering the floors, many pillows in different sizes for sitting. There is no forniture at all, making the room to appear bigger than it actually is.

In the center of the room were 4 people sitting and talking allready, a tablet with little pots and bowls is in the middle of them filled with different dried plants and powders. Everyone turns arround to the newcomer. „Well, we are complete now, I think everyone should introduce now so we can start the gathering. Let us start with our special guest“.

Markus took the word with pleasure „good evening everyone, my name is Markus, I am a local author and it´s an honor for me to take part in this magic ritual“.

The buffed young man next to him raises to his feet „ greetings everyone, my name is Willhelm, I am traveling together with my older brother Chester here to research the nearby mountains and refine our skills in sorcery“.

Chester kept sitting on the floor, filling his pipe with some purple dried leafs and some orange powder „ I am Chester, the older brother of Willhelm here“ he stops to take a sip from his short pipe. After a short period of time he exhales the smoke, the others wait for him to continue but after long silence Pelufia takes the word. „My name is Pelufea,I am traveling through the lands, feeling the magic flowing through my bare feet as I walk through the fields and forests“. She turns her head over to the next one in the circle.

„I am Serina“ She paused the sentence to take a sip on her long thin pipe, her eyes kept fixed at nothing particular. „my way home led me through this village and this is actually my first gathering too“.

„I want to say hello and thank you all for joining today again, I am Franklin, owner of this house and host of this gathering“. He sits down and asks the guests to sit down too with a gesture of his hand. The mages reach out for the little bowls in their middle and gather different dried leafs between their finger tips and dip them into the powders. Everyone except Markus are smoking on a pipe. The room filled with hazy smoke in different colors as they release it from their lungs.

„This smell is very sweat, may I try it out too?“ Markus asked with great enthusiasm and the others exchange questioning looks till Serina turns to him with another pipe in her hand, „of course you can, take my spare pipe, but take care of her please“.

She reaches out to his hand and moves it to the pots, guiding him which plants to pick and in which powders to dip in. The eyes of the others turn a little wider with a worried but still curious look on their faces. Markus keeps his carefree attitude and Serina has a smile that the others havent seen on her yet, it´s warmer and kinder than even the cheerful smiles of Pelufea.

Markus tempers the pipe with his thumb. Serina explains very careful „you should start by inhaling the smoke bit by bit into your mouth“ as she ignites the pipe with her fingers and continues „than inhale it into your lungs, keeping it inside a little and than gently release it from your body“.

With a hasty gasp Markus inhales very much of the smoke at once, reducing all the leafs inside the chamber to ashes. Everyone looks shocked at Markus and Serinas warm smile turns into a hideous grin. The rainbow colored smoke rushes out through Markuss nose and mouth and he is coughing very much, but it calms down after a few seconds. Franklin asked Markus if he is fine while the others glare at Serina.

„You should not give a non-mage, let alone someone who never smoked before give a pipe like this“ Willhelm barked at her.

„I join his mind, it could be very dangerous for him“ Pelufea adds with a concerned look.

Chesters leans back and relaxes a bit „Don´t worry so much, he will be fine. No one ever had serious problems no matter how much they took, even at their first times“.

While they are arguing, Markuss eyes turn yellow and wide, staring into the arguing crowd but focusing on unimaginable dimensions. Franklin tries talking to him but he his mind is far away allready, nobody could tell what he is experiencing right now. Franklin turns to Serina „I think this really went too far, you shouldn´t have given him strong herbs like this, especially not with that powder combination“. He continues with a stern look „I think we don´t need to vote it out and all agree that it would be the best if you would leave this gathering right now“.

Serina stands up with a wide grin and agrees with the others, but before leaving she stuffs herself a pipe, the same type of pipe she stuffed for Markus. She bends over, getting close to his spaced out face, taking her spare pipe back and whispers in his ears „sweet dreams, enjoy your journey“. She lifts the hatch and climbs down.

Everyone is a little confused, till Chester breaks the silence „Well… lets continue the gathering“.

„What to you mean continue the gathering? We throwed one out and another one is tripping into other dimensions here, theres no way we can continue“ Willhelm complains. The other members start to whisper to each other with concerned looks.

Franklin raises his hand as a sign of silencing the crowd „we arte still enough, we can´t do anyting about Markus here anyway and it would be a waste of time to cancel it all now“.

Willhelm sighs „well, you are right, ok lets continue“.

Pelufea starts talking „Well, lets start with…“.
Small Press & Self-Published / Godslayer the saga of endless waves re-release!
« Last post by Jonathan Walles on September 23, 2018, 09:09:11 PM »
Happy to announce the re-release of my novel "Godslayer" now in new affordable formats.  Complete edition even has a price drop and updated cover! :D

Volume one: 
Volume two: 
Complete edition:

Blurb: The story of the GodSlayer, and it’s wielder, the “Anti-hero” is but one of many heroic tales the young princess, Claire Sylvianna, has spent countless hours buried in. Having become increasingly bored with her sheltered lifestyle, Claire spends her days wishing for a far more adventurous life. She soon gets more than she bargained for after a chance encounter with a wandering swordsman named Zane Vahn Ultem, a young man branded a traitor. His sudden appearance, however, is only the advent to something far worse. Dark shadows descend upon the kingdom of Sylvianna, and Claire's only chance for survival may be to rely on the lesser of two evils.

[JUL + AUG 2018] Games / Re: [Jul+Aug 2018] - Games - Voting Thread
« Last post by xiagan on September 23, 2018, 05:06:20 PM »
I hope I'll manage tomorrow. Two hours on a train... :)
Read Alongs / Re: The Traitor God, part 4 - chapters 22 to 26
« Last post by JRTroughton on September 23, 2018, 02:28:33 PM »
Great stuff. The pace is really flying now and ILIKEMONSTERS.
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