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Technically, the phrase "more than just" can mean several things.  It's a matter of degree, the relationship of the things in question, the grammar involved, and most especially the speaker's emphasis, particularly on the word "just" - which can mean either "only" (in the sense of exclusivity) but also "a mere"

- A general is so much more than just a (mere) soldier. (even though a general IS a soldier)
- Rabies is so much more than just (merely) deadly - it is universally fatal.
- Rabies is so much more than just (only) deadly - it is debilitating and painful, as well.
- I hired a Certified Public Accountant, who is so much more than just a (both "mere" and "only") financial advisor (A CPA is not a financial advisor, having different qualifications and roles, but is legally permitted to do more)
- A milkshake is so much more than just a glass of milk (and yet, technically, it is a glass of milk)
- A skyscraper is so much more than just a (mere) hut (which it is not at all, though they are both forms of shelter)

Writers' Corner / Re: My query letter
« on: June 19, 2018, 09:38:57 PM »
What Cameron said.

An interesting afternoon - a business owner I am working with on a major contract ($150M) who has a really embarrassingly inflated perception of herself dressed me down on an email with all the people I'm working with for really no reason at all, threatening to walk away from the project. Her company has about 25 people, so perhaps she's grossing $10M or so a year, which is a lovely little business, but jeese, get over yourself!

Anyway, she was pretty heavy handed and I managed to let it slide for once. A bit ago, my boss chimed in and in no uncertain terms showed the woman the door. "No one talks to my people that way. We can replace your firm in an hour." Dayum! The cat tried to scratch me and my lioness from India ate her face.

General Discussion / Re: Dogs and Cats
« on: June 19, 2018, 06:07:18 AM »
only half of a wild one

I think the prevalence of gender in fictional brothels to be predominantly accurate - throughout history through to current day, by a massive majority men are the clients of the sex trade, even in Roman times and in Chicago this very night. On the whole, women can find a willing partner with a fraction of the effort and in fact expend many times the time and trouble to avoid unwanted sexual encounters than most men ever will.

General Discussion / Re: Dogs and Cats
« on: June 19, 2018, 04:33:41 AM »
I know what happens when you mix a cat and a bunny. Found out this very morning: you get a sleepy cat and half a bunny  :o

Writers' Corner / Re: Choosing between my main villains
« on: June 17, 2018, 04:43:13 PM »
Start with a hero, a real one, and then add or take away one thing that turns that person into a villain - the inability to forgive, a wrong lesson learned, an inflexibility, or a resolute conviction.

A contracting business. Not a real business with all that intense competition and stuff. Milking the government my boy, milking the government.

I've decided to start my own business. I make my living making businesses look and sound better than they often actually are, and advising businesses on contracts to go after. Seems like it should make sense, and I haven't done anything I really regretted in a while, so here goes :)

I visited Glasgow once when I was 19. A band of vacationing grammas kidnapped me and made me drink scotch and beer until I couldn't see straight...

I've been too busy to read anything, and when I have had the time I've been exhausted. I don't see myself submitting for Fire this month. Lot of things going on with me right now.

So Jmack, how are you doing? Kristine's leg wound is healing up nicely, filling in so it looks a little less like a fresh shark bite and more like … a healing one hahahaha

Jeese Louise - just what we need. Russians will weaponize that in about 3 weeks - if they haven't already.

I think the separation we perceive between ourselves and the world (and each other) is not as absolute as we imagine.

For my part, I believe that you are all me, had I been born in your bodies and in those circumstances where you found yourselves, with your uniquely particular tendencies, flaws, talents, and passions; just as I am you, had you been born in this body and in the circumstances where I found myself. And in the end, when the imagined but non-existent space between us dissolves, we will be reunited and share each other's experiences. We will weep and gasp and laugh, and find that we are God.


Yeah. Whoever comes after Pence is sure going to have their hands full.

You think there would be anyone after Pence?

On the bright side even America can only elect so many unstable lunatics....
Hold my beer...

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