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General Discussion / Re: If you could meet ONE historical figure
« on: September 21, 2018, 05:28:32 PM »
King Leonidas


They really are horrible. They run like the hand-shaped Alien thing (the one that impregnates the host): fast and erratic and scary. I saw one get stomped on, shake it off, and keep running. They smell strongly of burnt-hair. Eewwwwwwwww. I've been all over the world and seen all kinds of bugs - watched dung beetles do their work, watched huge wasps devour a sand viper, and encountered more scorpions than I can recall on three continents. But camel spiders win the prize for most horrible arthropod.

Y'all need to be quiet about your North American and Northern European spiders and such. When you wake up in the dead of the night in Iraq smelling the burnt-hair smell of a camel spider somewhere nearby, then come talk to me of bug-horror  8)
I double-triple-quadruple dare you to open the image
Spoiler for Hiden:

Just to stir the pot and hopefully facilitate a deeper consideration, you might consider the thing-beyond-the-thing. By this, I mean the thing(s) that the interaction leads to, which can vary quite a bit depending on the setting and who you're interacting with.

Interactions lead to romance, business contacts, friends and acquaintances for specific things (poker or board games, fishing, hiking, etc.), general purpose friends for hanging out, the list goes on. My point in all this is that interactions, for you, come at something of a cost. This leads you to think that it's not worth your time and effort/discomfort - and perhaps it isn't. But it cuts you off from the second, third, and subsequent orders of effect - and those affects might be very much worth your time, effort, and discomfort.

Hope this comes across well and not preachy. For my part, I love meeting new people, meeting old friends, etc., so of course I am biased.

Writers' Corner / Re: Only Mostly Dead Poets Society
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:30:44 PM »
My wish came through - another brown fledgling is sheltering in my eaves  :D

The weather in my area would make a Londoner laugh - very mild breezes and gentle misting rain. Oh well. I bought flashlights and $300 worth of non-perishables, which I'll just save for the next issue.

Sorry, Ive been busy all day and I am just fine. The storm is moving so slow that it is literally drowning towns like a firehose while nearby towns have no worries. My area hasn't seen anything more than some mild breezes and a gentle rain. So Gem is not in any danger. We'll see what tonight brings. It's a quarter til Midnight and I'm a little blasted from some Jack Daniels while we played games (all my boys came over).

By the way, for those who've never had a chance to raise kids and spend time with them as adults, I heartily recommend it. I am a little stunned to realize that, beyond the parenting stuff, I actually LIKE these guys

Excellent. I live on the border between Georgia and South Carolina - pretty much at the center of the hurricane's path when it crosses into Georgia. I am not at risk for flooding, but there are many large trees all around and very close to my house. The next 24 - 36 hours will likely be interesting.

Spoiler for Hiden:
No fear has my cold heart, just a grim, evil grin,
It just shrugs and it nods when the bad things begin.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What are you currently reading?
« on: September 11, 2018, 04:56:41 AM »
Read the Fall of Gondolin. I was underwhelmed. It didn't have the level of storytelling I had hoped for, instead retaining much of grand scale tones of the Silmarillion, which are fine, but we essentially already had that in … the Silmarillion. And to be honest, the epic language and archaic constructions work in the Silmarillion in its distinctive way, which is well known to not be appealing to many people. This version has some more dialogue and details, but it lacks the dialogue and details of Children of Hurin. I am not bitching. The man is 94 years old. I guarantee his work is better than mine will be at that age, God willing I live so long.

So... I'm trying to recover from my latest bout of simply giving up on marketing.
There are many paths forward. Not every writer or work is suited for the write-market-sell-repeat rhythm. Not every author's first or first fifty works catch fire. My unsolicited advice: keep at it and move forward in the way that you excel - in completing books and dreaming up new ones. Perhaps you'll be discovered later than you want. But you would be discovered nonetheless. Perhaps your ticket to paradise is beyond your reach because you haven't thought of it yet, because you haven't written the books that teach you the skills and give you the ideas it will need.

Discovered another Christopher Tolkien Silmarillion novella: the Fall of Gondolin!!!!

And ran into some army buddies at the book store. Going to practice a bit then swim then read until the wee hours are no longer wee.

Self Publishing Discussion / Re: Funding via Patreon or Another?
« on: September 07, 2018, 05:53:00 AM »
I advise considering all potential funding sources. Patreon is the only crowd sourcing app I know of, but beyond such social media apps there are (potentially) other sources: grants & loans for writers, artists, etc.; grants and loans for businesses (looking at yourself as a business and potentially establishing one to garner said funding); non-profit/not-for-profit organizations whose missions align with you and/or your work...

That's all the ideas I have at the moment.

General Discussion / Re: Politics and other ailments of the real world
« on: September 07, 2018, 12:21:21 AM »
Don't get me wrong, the whole situation in American politics offends, enrages, and scares me. The captain of the ship is literally spinning the wheel randomly, often intending to hit one reef or another.
All that said, spinning the wheel doesn't make a large ship turn for a long, long time. And at any given time, every ship on the sea or car on the road is headed for disaster, sooner or later, if its course is not corrected. So don't look too far ahead.

Nations are big and the United States is huge. I have faith that we'll process this guy and his cronies like a mouthful of rotten food: we will get fevers and chills. Discomforting discharges, sweats, and twitches will happen more and more often until we either barf him up or shit him out. Either way, we'll still be here.

The world is a lot of things, and not all of them are good. I intend to take it up with management at the first opportunity. >:(

I tried listening to her/their podcast a few months ago, but I just couldn't, it wasn't doing me any good. People say it's very good, though

We don't all need the same things or can stand the same things. What's great for others isn't always even good for ourselves. I hope your peace of mind comes back quickly and with ease.

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