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So I'm sorry that I'm still riled up about this but I was on the phone with a friend that's volunteering with a campaign and one of the other people there she denigrated as a "bernie-bro" going on about how they're the reason the Dem's lost the election.

So let me please lay out some things here:

Basically during the last election Debbie Wasserman Schultz drove the DNC into the ground overpaying vendors and consultants that did nothing (errrr... corruption), leaving no money for states to support congressional elections costing the Dems not only the presidency but congress.

Here's Nomiki Konst on the Unity Reform Commission-- she's on the commission because of Bernie Sanders

DWS stepped down as Hillary was nominated and interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile inherited a giant mess.  Here's clips from her on the consultants problem

So basically Debbie intentionally drove the DNC into the ground, then the Clinton Campaign bailed them out, in exchange for complete control over the DNC during the primary (approving press releases, staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, mailings-- everything), with DSW staying in her post until Hillary got the nomination.  Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile discovered all this when she took her position. Likely she only had the position because she herself had given the Clinton campaign the questions to the CNN town hall in advance--she denied this several times despite leaked emails and ultimately admitted it after she left the DNC. Anyway, apparently the joint fundraising agreement between the DNC and the Clinton campaign was too much for her so Brazile went to Sanders when she first found out about it, but they didn't go public with it because they were close to the election...but then wikileaks happened with the Russian hack of the DNC exposing the money laundering for a candidate who hadn't yet won the nomination. So Brazile ultimately verified it in the press. Here's some reporting on all of that if you're interested.


Okay given all this, how can moderate liberals sit there and say "Trump won the election because of Berniebros."  I like many of Clinton's policies.  I voted for her. But every time I hear a centrist say "berniebro" while completely ignoring all of this as if it's a-okay and there's nothing to be fixed it makes me think maybe I shouldn't bother voting next time either. Seriously. It makes me so upset. Go ahead. Keep saying berniebro, centrist liberals, until you have no damn party left.


Yeah I've installed like a kajillion mods--
I'm pretty happy with my ENB, tho my hair and body replacers are probably conflicting with the new quest mods I've installed to randomly give some people black faces, it always happens in people added by a quest mod.  I still haven't figured how to make Eolund stop being a nudist.

Totally unrelated: I find instagram thoroughly repulsive in real life-- like stop taking selfies with your coffee people-- but given how many Sky-rim selfies I take, I've been seriously thinking of creating an instagram account for my Skyrim characters.

One's a chick:

"Today I had a sweetroll #yum"
"I rode my first dragon today but the weather sucked lol"

Or the dude could be like:

"Been getting swol killing dragur #nofilter #gainz #dedication"

Writers' Corner / Re: Poems and Prose-Poetry here!
« on: January 15, 2018, 04:11:38 AM »

Why didn’t you think of this sooner ? Go you, Bradley 😊 top idea.
Why not ask a mod to make it into its own part of FF Writers Section, like Writers’Corner ? Call it Poets’ Corner? Perhaps not as they are buried there. Live Poets’ Society?

Haha, I love this--  though I'm guessing they might want to see if there's enough interest/longevity before making the thread special. We might have a better chance of getting it as a sticky thread...

But we do need to change the name of the thread, don't we?

I love "Live Poets Society"
Or we could do "Not-Dead (Undead?) Poets Society"  actually, being fantasy faction, "Undead Poets Society" could really work.

Or maybe we could bring our bongos and turtlenecks and meet to do beat poetry across from mugs of mead at the "King's Paws Poets Society"

Writers' Corner / Re: Poems and Prose-Poetry here!
« on: January 15, 2018, 04:02:21 AM »
Invariably one group (at least once, mine) would do a dramatic scene about students unable to develop a dramatic scene.

Haha that's totally how I interpreted it @Jmack . I thought it was a really clever poem about writer's block-- and since such excellent writing couldn't possibly be the product of writer's block that made it extra clever. :) And that introspective/dissatisfied second stanza was a nice way to close!

I need a different word than “lights”. The illogic of it interferes with the image. Hmm. But then, maybe that’s part of the point....

I'd say "capturing the rays of this sunrise" "glistening in the rays of" or "lighting the rays of" since dust does that really well.  I know because I've been modding skyrim and its all about the dust mods to create volumetric god-rays.  Actually "sparking" gives a nice alliteration.

Another poem:

The unexamined life is mostly what I've got
So fuck you Socrates
Tell it to a sperm whale
Tell it to my feet walking
To Schroedinger’s Cat
To the dust of a distant disaster
sparkling in the rays of this my sunrise

Anyway speaking of telling Socrates off, I have sort of a poem to respond to your poem with-- I wrote it in back graduate school tho.

Lies we tell

Word your argument, scholar.
Take the truth and cut it
dismember it
piece by piece
it's eyes and fingers
liquefied in your cauldron
the stench of its melting flesh on your nose
–a good scholar does not balk–
to fit into your academic mold
a monstrosity we've sewn together
an arm, a leg
a patch of hair
pieces of the truth
a grotesque concubine of the philosophers of old
old white men inhabiting bodies that aren't theirs
so that their lies may live forever.

Sooo... this has nothing to do with Rebirth and Renewal, but I never quite finished my disqualified-discussion-thread story last month and I sorta promised @Lanko and @Henry Dale they'd be in it.  I don't quite know what to title it.  It's got Ancient Egypt, cats, dogs and Lanko is a doctor.

Young Henry Dale looked at his friends in confusion. “I thought you said this was a Lodge meeting. It feels like an interrogation.”

“It is,” his best friend Jeff said, petting his dachshund for comfort. Was he referring to the Lodge meeting or the interrogation? Jeff’s eyes were tight with concern. “Just answer the questions HD.” The four men peered at him impassively.  Jeff, Fred from work, Jonsie, and Dr. Lankers, who was wearing his labcoat for some reason. They often called him “Doc”.

Dr. L held up a photo. “What do you see?” the learned man asked, eyes narrowing.  The entire group leaned forward, as if to peer into Henry’s soul.

“Uhhh… a kitten?”

They all leaned back whispering among each other, staring askance at their interviewee. Doc composed himself and leaned forward once again.  “Do you…” he took a deep breath, “do you think its... cute?”

No one breathed.

Henry eyed them in confusion. “I—I don’t know.  I--I guess.”

The doctor breathed a sigh of relief. “A moderate response. He’s good.”

Jeff hooted pumping his fist in the hair. “I told you! I told you my boy wasn’t one of them!”  The four men rushed forward, locking the confused Henry into an uncomfortable group man-hug.

“Is this how all… Lodge meetings start?” Henry asked. They ignored him.

“After last week I was so scared,” Jonsie said, hands shaking.

“Yeah,” Fred replied, “When Alex started fawning over the picture and going on about how adorable it was, I nearly shit myself.”

“Wait, Alex? From work?” Henry crossed his arms. “Does that have anything to do with why he hasn’t been in all week?”

“We had to block his phone,” Fred said solemnly. “Stop sitting with him at lunch. It’s sad to see a grown man cry, but it’s just too dangerous.”

“Wait, what?”

Dr. Lankers leaned back, adjusting his glasses.  “Do you want to know the history of the Freemasons?  The real history?”

“Uhhh, sure. What does this have to do with Alex?”

“Ancient Egypt was once a peace loving society. Until the cats came.”

“Egypt,” Henry repeated dubiously.

“Egypt.” Doc’s voice was laden with authority. “The masons built the pyramids—“

“The pyramids were built by slaves,” Henry said flatly. “Like, they were worked to death.”

“Says history books. Written by cat loving historians. But yes, we were slaves.  The slaves of cats.

Henry opened his mouth to speak, but instead closed his eyes in frustration.

“Cats had already taken Egypt, ruling from the shadows with an iron fist.  A small band of masons fled to Europe and founded and founded the freemasons.”

“Cats ruled ancient Egypt,” Henry said dubiously.

“They still rule Egypt, and all the Middle East.  And they’re spreading here! Think about it. In the East, dogs are considered dirty.  It’s even an insult to call someone a dog. But is an insult to call someone a cat?”

“You can’t just demonize an entire society because they hate dogs.” Henry squeezed the bridge of his nose with his fingers. He was getting a headache. He looked at all four men, searching for any signs of sanity. “You’re talking about like half of the human population.”

“Exactly!” Jeff interjected.

“Who do you think was behind 9-11?” Jonsie was shaking again.  “The freemasons built the World Trade Center.  And cat lovers drove planes into it.

“That’s ridiculous. And racist. Okay first off, the masons did not build—“

“This isn’t about race.” Doc replied, “They try to make us think that, so we don’t see the true enemy. They infiltrate the top levels of society, infecting religious and political leaders with their brain parasite.  Even our own.”

“There are rumors that Ivanka bought the President a cat,” Jonsie added.

“It explains so much. The warmongering. The complete disregard for human life. The dyslexic twitter posts.” Jeff crossed his arms matter-of-factly.

“This is crazy,” Henry said. “Look, my girlfriend got a cat a couple of weeks ago and she seems perfectly fine. In fact, she’s even gotten more laid back.”

The room froze.

“We used to argue all the time,” Henry continued. “You know she wants kids and I’m like we should wait-- we only met two months ago.  She used to get really upset. But now she’s even decided to start taking birth control.”

“Offered, or you mean the cat had her spayed,” Dr. Lankers said, an angry gleam in his eyes.

“You can’t honestly think it has something to do with the cat.”

“Um, that’s basically exactly what you just said bro,” Jeff said furrowing his brow.

“Complete disregard for logic. It’s a sign of the parasite,” Doc hissed.

“Oh, God!” Jeff’s hands flew to his face.  He closed his eyes and turned away.

“Quick!” Lankers called, “Check him for trackers! Bugs! Anything!”

Fred and Jonsie leapt up, removing his jacket. Jonsie shook it violently then started patting it down in a panic.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Jeff started pacing in circles, clutching his hair with his hands.

The doctor pulled a pen light from his pocket and shined it in Henry’s face.  “His pupils are reactive,” Doc reported to the others.  “Henry, stick out your tongue.”

“What are you--?” Henry protested as Fred started taking off his shirt and Jonsie started pulling off his pants.

“Mr. Dale—have you been anywhere near its feces?


“It’s feces! Have you touched the cat’s shit?” Lankers was yelling.

“God no!”

The doctor seemed relieved.

“The clothes are clear,” Jonsie reported.

“The toxoplasmosis.  Its spreads through the feces. You might be okay, but we’re going to need a blood sample,” Doc explained.

“You’ve got to be kid—“ Henry, stripped to his boxers, was forced back into the chair by Fred and Jonsie. Before he knew it, the doc had slipped a needle in his arm. “Is that needle even clean?”

The sight of blood was too much.  Henry fainted.


Henry’s eyes were sullen when he finally returned to the welcoming warmth of his girlfriend’s apartment.  He was decidedly relieved that his night out was over.

“Honey, you’re back!” Sandy smiled warmly, setting her wine glass down and pulling the overweight Mr. Ripples off of her lap.  “Look Mr. Ripples is happy to see you!” Mr. Ripples crouched low to the ground, fangs in a sneer. His ears were flattened and the tip of his tail was twitching. 

“Doesn’t… he do that when he’s hunting mice?”

“It can mean a lot of things,” she said defensively.  “He also does that when he’s happy to see you.  Don’t you, Mr Ripples?”

She scratched the side of the cat’s head affectionately and it recoiled, baring its fangs.  “See! He’s smiling!”

“Uhhh, yeah.  Okay.”

Sandy gripped her boyfriend’s shirt, and gave him a warm kiss.  “It’s good to see you honey.”

“You too. I’m so sorry I spend so much time with the guys. They’re a little much, maybe I should—“

“No! No!  You spend all the time you like with your friends!  Please!  It’s one of the things I love about you.”

“Uh, okay,” Henry said, confused.

Sandy patted him on the chest, “I have something to do really quick. Go wait for me in bed.”

As soon as Henry waddled off, Sandy scooped up Mr. Ripples, ignoring his protests.  She made her way to her computer.  Macs were so much better than PCs.  PCs were for dog lovers.

She stroked Mr. Ripples absently, making sure to pin him in her lap with her forearm, and checked the spy app she had installed.  The audio files were there. Everything within earshot of her boyfriend’s phone.

She put her earphones in and listened….  Finally! The masons had done the blood test!  It was safe to proceed to phase two of their relationship.

“Honey!” Sandy called into the bedroom. “I forgot something!”

“What do you need, dear?” Henry called back.

“Could you do me a huge favor and change the kitty litter for me?”

“Of course babe!”

Sandy stroked Mr. Ripples in satisfaction as a wicked smile crept across her face.  She’d do anything for Mr. Ripples.

Anything at all.

Whether or not to choose self-publishing is really a matter of choice. SP gives you an option to quickly get visibility on Big Etailers like Amazon.
You just need to sign up on an SP platform like KDP or Lulu.
I mean it's a good option for new writers to get published and test the waters.
Also, it's really difficult to hunt down a publisher and convince them to publish your work.

Trust me. Nowadays there are a lot of places like Goodreads where a new author can sign up and build anticipation for their books. Good promotion skills mean you can make good money.

People keep looking for new stories and quality content to read.

Bold added.

I think for both SP and TP you need good promotion skills.  Which I have none. Like zero clue how to do it. Not that I've ever finished editing my WIP, but damn I wish we lived in an alternate universe where someone else could do the promotion for you...

Just trick a family member with the false promise of future rewards. That's what I did.  ;)

Actually @Justan Henner and @KyleCon , it looks like goodreads might soon be off the table for indie writers. Family members it is!


Writers' Corner / Re: Poems and Prose-Poetry here!
« on: January 13, 2018, 07:12:26 AM »
but just when everyone is watching
Everyone is always watching
Mother, father, husband, son
Her hand trembles when she slices carrots
Employer, cop, neighbor
Do they know her secret?
Cameras are everywhere
but most of all
inside her mind
She is bursting at the seams
with a silent rage she can’t contain
There is murder in her heart, and it won’t go away

Writers' Corner / Re: Poems and Prose-Poetry here!
« on: January 13, 2018, 07:10:55 AM »

And though my time is wasted here - no poet's skills have I -
And though I hear the snickers near, I'm better off to try,
To string the thoughts and sights I've seen (and even some I've not),
Into rhymes in awkward schemes ('cause doggerel's all I've got),

So I'll read yours if you'll read mine,
Perhaps we'll have some smiles,
And in between haphazard lines,
Forget the weary miles.

I see you caught the cues I put in the primary post.  But your rhythmic reply certainly surpassed any alliteration I could ever conjure.  Oh shit, it seems I might be stuck speaking in this style. 

But seriously, that was brilliant!!! and oh, I think you've got some poet's skills buddy!

Writers' Corner / Poems and Prose-Poetry here!
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:33:30 PM »
I feel like writing poetry, even bad poetry (especially bad poetry), is practical practice for making musical your prose, capturing lyrical rhythms to unleash later in your not-yet-finished narrative masterpieces. 

Plus it's just fun.

Anyone want to join me and periodically post their prose-poetry here? I know you want to @Jmack and @The Gem Cutter !

No queue at security. Zilch! No one in front of me! I didn't even have time to take off my coat before getting to the trays section!
I love flying in January ;D

Still over an hour to wait, though *yawns*

Delayed 30 mins >:( >:( and it might mean actually longer >:(

Have a fun trip!!!!!!

Do not go to the Boulevard de Clichy or Pigalle at night. That is where prostitution and stabbings happen.

HAHAHAAH I've been to Paris a couple of times.  I've never been to the Louvre or Eiffel Tower, but I *have* been to the Pigalle at night. 

I have friends there, and that's where she wanted to go!  It's kind of cool to see neon sex shop signs at the bottom of gorgeous historic architecture.  Passing one of those shady shops you enter the apartment building and there's an enormous circular stairwell with giant stained glass windows running up along it's wall.  We went to a house party on the top floor that had a view of the Moulin Rouge. It was a small apartment with a cellist from St. Petersburg, a Senegalese singer, a guitarist from Brazil and some woman clinking beer bottles together all jamming out playing Manu Chau, Amadou and Miriam, and hipster songs of all varieties sitting on the living room couch while people danced in the spaces and hallways in between.  My friend took off for the summer (I guess like half of Paris can somehow get 3 months of vacation every summer and they go to the beach) and let me stay at her apartment in the Belleville neighborhood in Paris, it's full of hipster artists and I quite enjoyed the people I met there.  I also enjoyed walking across the city at night-- along the river people pull out blankets and drink wine while watching the water and playing the guitar.  In the mornings I was generally too hung over to do any of the touristy stuff I had planned on doing and I just never got around to it.  I met a lot of really nice people.  I speak a fair amount of French and fluent Spanish (I seem to end up hanging with people from Spain whatever country I'm in).

I easily spent a week and didn't even get to the Louvre (and that was just the first time), but I'm the kinda guy that gets distracted by people and their stories and next thing you know it's been a few weeks and I haven't done the things I set out to do but instead did 5,000 random things.  I did make it up to the beach and apparently in the summer there's this thing called Apéro that happens in the summer where you hang out at the beach and drink wine and eat cheese starting at like 4pm and get drunk every day (in our case) discussing anarchist social theory.

Anyway, Paris is great!  For architecture, I'd stay try to stay someplace central.  But if you REALLY want a feast of architectural delights... have you been to Barcelona?  Omg it's like an architecture orgasm.

(also if you have time to get out of Paris, and you're like me and love castles, I'd say visit Carcassonne.  There are more beautiful castles than that one, but at Carcassonne they've reconstructed the whole city within the ramparts, and there's actually a youth hostel you can stay in right next to the castle inside the whole structure!!!)

Writers' Corner / Re: How to know which crits to listen to
« on: January 11, 2018, 08:25:04 AM »
Wow this is all great advice.
@The Gem Cutter i went to the library and picked that book up (along with like 10 other books that were near it on the shelf) today!

Whether or not to choose self-publishing is really a matter of choice. SP gives you an option to quickly get visibility on Big Etailers like Amazon.
You just need to sign up on an SP platform like KDP or Lulu.
I mean it's a good option for new writers to get published and test the waters.
Also, it's really difficult to hunt down a publisher and convince them to publish your work.

Trust me. Nowadays there are a lot of places like Goodreads where a new author can sign up and build anticipation for their books. Good promotion skills mean you can make good money.

People keep looking for new stories and quality content to read.

Bold added.

I think for both SP and TP you need good promotion skills.  Which I have none. Like zero clue how to do it. Not that I've ever finished editing my WIP, but damn I wish we lived in an alternate universe where someone else could do the promotion for you...


So yeah, I should have been writing for the last two hours but instead...



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Ummmm... spoliers... maybe?


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