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Title: Looking for Beta Readers
Post by: bdcharles on December 07, 2017, 04:46:19 PM
Hello Beta Readers!

Following a spate of rejections, I am on the lookout for a second/third/nth pair of eyes for my first novel, The Story of Echo, a fantasy set in a newly-industrialising world. At just over 137,000 words, it chronicles the journey of an imaginative yet solitary young woman named Echo Sorrow who is pursued through a strange land as she hunts down the creatures that slaughtered her father, abducted her brother, and are now threatening her home.

When magic meets technology, who triumphs? When friend turns to enemy, what can be saved? The Story of Echo tumbles readers down these rabbit holes, beginning on that late-summer morning when our protagonist witnesses the butchery of her family, through to her aligning with those who may do her harm yet, to besiegement by increasingly punitive forces. Her ascent from provincial naïf to troubled polymath wreaks more harm than good as she drags friends, allies and bystanders into a bloody conflict with an old acquaintance who, in his traitorous push for dominion, has allied with a terrifying dragon clan whose power cannot be resisted, except perhaps by the humblest of virtues - the willingness of gift one's life for others.

So - that second pair of eyes. Is this you? Bob me a mail at or reply here and I can reciprocate for something similar.