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Re: Got a blog? Share it!
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Hi guys!!!

I'm finally fixing up my website!!!
So I posted one of my short stories on the site, and I've been experimenting with ways to make it look pretty (parallax images, animated pullquotes, etc).  Here's where I really need your help.  You don't have to actually read it, but I'm trying to figure out if I should keep or cut the pullquotes and the images (eg should I make them regular images instead of parallax? is it better to make them full-width? Should I just delete them altogether?)

If you can, please take a glance here!

Also @CameronJohnston a note for you below:

Spoiler for Hiden:
I added a bit to the interview we did to reflect your upcoming release, and re-posted both on my site and on medium.  That means 1) the original URL of our interview is gone and 2) I've got links to your series page on the amazon page. 

Here's the new links to the interview:

Ooh, very swish! I like it. Thanks for the update - I've updated the link on my website :)

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Re: Got a blog? Share it!
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I meant to add my website/blog about a year ago but forgot. I write about the themes behind my fantasy, and seem to be doing something a bit different from other writers (at least the ones I've seen) and I'm not yet sure whether that's good or not, but more people are visiting.

My tagline is nonfiction to show you other worlds—fiction to take you there.

My latest article, Tarot & Me, has been my most popular so far. You can see the website here