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Guest Blogging
« on: October 14, 2019, 08:23:56 PM »
Hi. I'm an amateur fantasy author. I'm trying to build up my social platform by making guest blogs (I'm so new I don't have a clear perspective of how guest blogging works). I'm curious about the steps to take to make guest blogs (do I have to contact the site's editor?) Thanks in advance.

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Re: Guest Blogging
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Hi do you mean to write articles on

Fantasy faction has four internet presence

1. The forum where writers and readers mix and talk about books among other things. This is where you are it’s not classed as a blog.

2. The website where articles are written and can be classed as a blog. I think this is where you want to go the link is above if you want to head that way and have a look round

3. The fantasy faction Facebook group this is very big and not as community spirit as the forum as it’s so big and a voice can get drowned out by all the other voices talking over one another also there not as gorgeous and handsome as the people who post in the forum. @G_R_Matthews agrees with me.

4. Fantasy faction Twitter , this is where you can see people getting worked up about wizards I think. There argue about who has got the biggest wand.

As you in the forum feel free to join in any conversation we don’t bite apart from when there’s a full moon. Why not add a post to this discussion to get going

Have fun !

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