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Are any of you going this year?

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I went once and had very mixed experience.

The bad:
The crowds were INSANE. Everything had LONG lines. It's spread out among 5 hotels, but they are in walking distance of one another. But sometimes you have to give up a panel to get in line for another panel because the lines are that long. A couple of hotels were kind of bottle-necked and you could get stuck in an extended slow creep. (Too many times and I got to feeling a little "crowd-rage".)

The good:
I saw very cool panels and workshops. Got to talk to Dirk Benedict, saw Malcolm McDowell in a restaurant, good stuff. People were walking around in really amazing costumes. Atlanta has good food and a good transportation system. The hotel staff was very helpful.

I probably won't ever attend again because I'm crowd-phobic (at 5' I get lost). Although the line-up always tempts me. I think they said there was 17,000 people there that year. It felt like a stadium emptying after a concert all the time. So just keep that in mind.
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