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Author Topic: Discussion of Reviews Containing Spoilers (no actual spoilers included)  (Read 802 times)

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Okay, I've been staying silent for a long time about this, but now I'm starting to get extremely annoyed.

Over on the main website, we've had several reviews recently posted with a warning similar to the following. "This review contains spoilers. Read with caution if you have yet to finish the book." Of course, this is not limited to our beloved place of gathering. People on Goodreads do it too, even though most of the time the spoilers are hidden.
Here's my issue. Most of the time, if I'm reading a book review, I've never heard of the book before. I want to know the general premise, followed by things the reviewer liked and disliked. I am not, however, looking to read someone's thoughts on the entire storyline of the book who I don't know, unless I'm in a thread or some form of conversation dedicated to discussing spoilers. On YouTube, reviewers handle this a couple of ways. They post one review without spoilers, and one with spoilers. So, if we're going to have reviews with spoilers in them, can we please have another equally well done review without them?

I really wanted to read the review of Suicide Squad. I couldn't because of spoilers. I really wanted to read the review of Force Awakens before I saw it. Same issue. I really would've loved to have read the series review of Dagger and the Coin. Same issue. Then I've read reviews without the spoiler warning that have told the entire story. Everyone wants to discuss whatever form of entertainment they're hooked on. That's why they make special places where you can go to talk about all the plot holes and amazing spoilery moments and all of that. Reviews are not the place when there is no alternative article for those who have not experienced whatever is being reviewed.
Please note that I am not targeting any particular reviewer. I hardly ever pay attention to who the review is written by. Feel free to discuss everything below.

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Re: Discussion of Reviews Containing Spoilers (no actual spoilers included)
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2016, 12:17:41 AM »
Gets on my nerves all the time too. Even worse is when there are spoilers in the review, but it doesn't mention that they're there beforehand, so you're halfway through reading it before you realise it spoils stuff! So frustrating. While knowing how things end doesn't usually make me enjoy a book any less (re-reading is awesome after all), it does significantly change the initial experience, which is a real shame.
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Re: Discussion of Reviews Containing Spoilers (no actual spoilers included)
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2016, 01:10:59 AM »
Agree x 1000. I remember reading something that was supposed to be spoiler free regarding the Wheel of Time. I was only up to maybe book 5, and the article had a massive spoiler for the last efing book.  I was not in the right state of mind for weeks.

I have learned to stay away from reviews, ESPECIALLY goodreads. I read a great review of The Providence of Fire that was spoiler free. It had like 34 comments, so I was curious. First comment spoiled the ending of one of the characters. Not in spoiler tags. First efing sentence.

I just try to steer clear of all reviews until afterward now.

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Re: Discussion of Reviews Containing Spoilers (no actual spoilers included)
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2016, 03:03:09 AM »
Sometimes I put spoilers in some of the reviews - always with spoiler tags to hide it, of course.

That's because some passage may have struck a chord with you, in a good or bad way and you want to talk about it. And some people who already read it might agree (or not) and maybe talk about it as well. Or you want the author to know, in case he/she ever reads your review.

For me it's fine if people want to talk about it, as long as they hide it under spoiler tags.

Some books I read a review before I read it, sometimes only after, sometimes not at all. So you can click a spoiler tag and think "Wow, didn't see that" or "Exactly my feelings" or "What nonsense, don't agree (closes review and moves to next)".
Made some friends because of some reviews, actually.
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Re: Discussion of Reviews Containing Spoilers (no actual spoilers included)
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2016, 05:31:06 AM »
Lotta sympathy for that - but have to say, I am more likely to read reviews after I've read a book, and find spoilers useful.

But I had been just looking up some spoiler memes to use for my review of Pawn of Prophecy when I saw this thread and now I might not spoil. Might. Way I see, its one thing to post spoilers of books just out - that Guardian hack that spoiled the Shepherd's Crown will burn in the fires of hell one day - and another to post spoilers of books thirty years old.

People who post spoilers without warnings are just evil though.