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Bookish Events
« on: May 26, 2011, 02:58:33 PM »
Not sure if anyone else is in New Mexico, but I figured I'd let everyone know anyway.

There is a local author/self-publishing fair at Page One Book Store on June 4th from 3-5pm.  They have them quite often, at least twice a year, probably more, I just haven't been able to make it to one yet.

GRRM, Melinda Snodgrass, Victor Milan, Ty Frank, John Jos. Miller, and Daniel Abraham are going to be at Page One Bookstore for a book-talk and signing of the new volume of Wildcards on July 9th at 2:30pm.  They are all local, which is cool, and all contributed on this volume, so it's kind of exciting.

If anyone else has events they want to post about authors having signings or conventions, etc, have at it?  (*cough*it might even be cool to have an events forum *cough*)

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Re: Bookish Events
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Damn you US and UK folks you get all the cool things. Just kidding hope you have a great time if you get there it sounds like a lot of fun.
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