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Best Dream You've Ever Had
« on: August 06, 2017, 02:20:28 AM »
What are the best dreams you've ever had? The one that left you feeling fresh and excited, ready to face the new morning? Here is mine yesterday:

"I was walking in a rocky canyon at night. The place was pervaded by thick layer of mists, and I could barely glimpse anything. Out of fatigue, I decided to take a nap, despite the seemingly glowing eyes glancing from the surrounding darkness. I woke up by a dragon's roar. It chased me out of the canyon, which opened up into some kind of cave opening. Going out, I finally discover that the canyon is actually the nostril of a much larger dragon, growling at me ferociously. Leaping down from the nostril, I was stunned to found out that the ground is but a tiny speck below me, and I fell.

To my amazement, I discover that I had leathery wings and  could fly, treading across the expanse that is the pale blue sky. I soared to a palace constructed against a mountainside, perched far above the ground.
I landed atop an open terrace, and there I met... Dalinar Kholin."

What a strange dream! I also end up writing this in a story form, which is how I feel/ interpret some parts of the events while dreaming itself. Now that is an experience I'll not easily forget.  :D

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Re: Best Dream You've Ever Had
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I recently had a dream of winning the lottery. I felt relieved, it was like all my financial problems were solved and now I could enjoy what I could not before.

It was a bit disturbing when I woke up :)
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