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Author Topic: Act of Human Kindness, a Day at Work  (Read 1100 times)

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Act of Human Kindness, a Day at Work
« on: July 28, 2012, 07:07:55 AM »
It is 4 am in morning. Most normal human beings are asleep now but thanks to the Olympics I remain awake in my jail cell aka; work. It is an empty night for the first day of what was expected to be hospitality hell I remain unimpressed.

With nothing better to do I sit and browse through old episodes of ' Man of the Hour ' on YouTube supressing laughter when the occasional guest walks past every other half hour. Eventually my work phone rings ' Welcome to whatever whenever concierge service, my name is Chase, how may I assist you this morning? ' a quick glance at my computers clock reveals that time is progressing at that incredible pace that one who finds themselves in my situation experiences, 4:05am.

Preventing a slight groan from filling the headset, a light fast paced South American accent replies to my programmed greeting, ‘Hi is this concierge?’

Exactly who I wasn't expecting at four in the morning. Due to the hour my formality is kept to its usual five star standards ' yep, what do you need? '

Looking back I guess I was slightly annoyed at having my rendition of my George Burns reminiscing with Frank Sinatra interrupted. The reply does nothing to quench my agitation ‘Just one minute Sir, I am going to pass you through to our guest’

No explanation is offered as the sound of static intwined with the rasp of a middle aged man’s respiration comes through the line ‘Hello?’ I question hesitantly…

What followed was actually one of those few nice acts you hear or read about every day. My opinion of modern human beings was raised quite a few ranks as the gentleman on the other line explained his dinner earlier at the restaurant located in the hotel I work for.

You see this man had just returned from the Olympic opening ceremony which concluded at 1am. That means it had taken him a good 3 hours for what is normally a 40 minute journey to get home and even after fighting his way through crowds, traffic and general human congestion he didn’t forget his conversation he and his wife had last night with two women who are staying at my hotel.

The women he met had certain difficulties though he mentioned he was unsure as to their precise nature. He had spoken to the couple and mentioned he had been to every Olympic opening ceremony for the last 12 games. That is the equivalent of 44 years of Olympics. After mentioning this the two ladies informed him that they had never had the opportunity to go to the Olympics and now that they were in London while the games were in progress, they were unable  to acquire tickets to any events at all as they had all been sold out.

Long story short the Gentleman was moved by the two women he had met. He gabe up his three tickets to them for today’s Volleyball sessions with yours truly acting as the go between ( I did some epic midnight riding to and from the different hotels as he originally gave me the wrong tickets), he asked for them to be delivered with the simple message ‘Please have a good time, from Harvey’. The guest asked for no money from them and had given up his on personal, near the front row, tickets so these people could have a tiny experience to make their day.

I have been walking around beaming all morning and had to share it with you.
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Re: Act of Human Kindness, a Day at Work
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Wow, that's so cool! Thanks for the story and the smile! :D

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Re: Act of Human Kindness, a Day at Work
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Wow, that's so cool! Thanks for the story and the smile! :D
Seconded. Hope you had fun. :)
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