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Author Topic: 24 hours - which Fantasy Character would you be? what would you do? why?  (Read 6139 times)

Offline A.J. Van-Rixtel

I would like to be Walker-Boh from the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. I feel as though he is an interesting character.

Offline Richard Bendall

A really big dragon.

Having a bit of trouble narrowing it down further than that.

This never even occurred to me and I now feel disappointed in myself.

As that's taken though, my first thought was Calhoun Mooney from Weaveworld. An every day guy with no special power until he learns that his memory is all important. I'd love to be him for a day purely so that I can walk through the Weaveworld and truly delve into the splendour there.

For badass, I'd pick Sparhawk, amusement it would have to be Rincewind (mostly for the luggage companion).
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Offline Ben

The Night Angel. Having those abilities would all kinds of fun. Not so much the killing but the athletics and other such feats.

Offline Chivalry

I'd be Jon Snow.
What would I do? (Book spoilers from ADwD)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Not die
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Vicariously living in the fantasy world is one thing, actually living in the world as a character is quite another. Most, if not all, go through the most horrendous stuff, that although I enjoy reading about it happening to some one else REALLY would not want happening to me!

Having said that .... I wouldn't mind having some magic powers, the ability to wield a sword incredibly well, and a dragon at my side ...

Offline NSWrit

Lessa from Dragonflight so I could ride a dragon and fight thread, of course!