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Author Topic: Westworld (Spoilers)  (Read 15530 times)

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Re: Westworld (Spoilers)
« Reply #90 on: December 12, 2016, 05:04:10 AM »
Rewatched it night before last with the Mrs., who was never as into it as I. What a neat story. I just really enjoyed the whole thing.

Some little things I picked up on: I was wrong and whoever it was was right, Felix is human, and the location of Maebe's daughter was at her (threatening) request. It was the origin of the note that made me wonder the most.

There was glass between Armistice-the-badass and the last guard, and that's why he couldn't shoot her. All in all the "A-Teams" sucked huge - clearing rooms with clear walls and doors - talk about EASY. Try doing that blind! Anyway, so lackluster I still suspect something is weird - disabled weapons or they're hosts or something.

The bag Maebe left might just be a bag, but I find that odd given she had a gun in it and she's just left a gunfight. I wonder if her change of course might have derailed some of Ford's plans.
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Re: Westworld (Spoilers)
« Reply #91 on: March 15, 2017, 10:31:35 AM »
Finally caught-up and watched the entire season last weekend. Wow. I had been lucky enough to avoid reading anything about the series, and so avoided all the spoilers, which made for an incredibly enjoyable experience.

And I loved the doors that were left open in the last episode. The first mention of something other than a Western setting, for example.

Looking forward to the new season, though I have no idea where it will be headed  ;D

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Re: Westworld (Spoilers)
« Reply #92 on: April 29, 2017, 08:26:11 AM »
I have just finished the series and holy mother of mongoose it was so terrific that I can't even begin to put my feelings into words. At the final episode, all of the loose threads, conversations, and scenes comes together to a final crashing finale which couldn't help it but left my mouth gaping in awe. The revelations of William being the Man in Black, Dolores being Wyatt, the goal at the center of the maze (consciousness), and finally at the end where everything plays along according to Ford's new narrative to finally leads to the robot incursion (according to Wyatt's sayings of a new force who had not yet come being the one to truly own the world.)

A solid 15/10 and this series have just move up the list of numerous other shows I've watched to become one of my most favorite tv series of all time. Anyone who haven't watched the show yet should definitely jump on it as soon as they can, or miss this train to Westworld, one of the must-visit destinations of your life.  8)

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Re: Westworld (Spoilers)
« Reply #93 on: April 08, 2018, 10:18:59 AM »
Season 2 is starting soon and I just realised it's on Sky Atlantic and I don't have that channel anymore :'(

Someone will have to explain to me how to watch it online ( :-[ ), I can't wait until I'm able to buy the box set!!!!
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Re: Westworld (Spoilers)
« Reply #94 on: April 08, 2018, 12:16:37 PM »
You want to learn how to Stream, not how to Pirate, correct?

Streaming is very easy. You go : "Westworld season 2 streaming" on google, and you'll find a load of website offering the service.
Now the key is to find a streaming website you're comfortable with. For anime I have my favourites, for example, because I know it'll be quality, and easy to navigate episodes etc.
Then you want to have an adblocker for your web browser. Streaming websites make money out of showing a ton of ads around and over the video. Even with an adblocker, you may end up with ads over the "play" button of the video, transparent ones, that will shoot open pages as you click on them, only for these pages to disappear as adblock takes care of them. Don't worry, it's fine, persevere and get rid of all ads that may try to be in your way. If it looks dodgy, try another streaming site.
Also be aware that some streaming sites provide the video through a ton of video providers. They basically have a few links in store, and just offer them all up to you. Meaning that if the video doesn't load with one, you may choose to load another. Here's what that looks like:

I go to watch an episode of Death Parade on an anime streaming site. The first video doesn't load for some reason (it did, it's just an example)

So I go on the list below and select another server. It looks like the video was taken offline there, so this is what happens :

So I click on yet another server, and this time it works. As you can see the play button looks transparent now, when I clicked on it, a blank page sprung open and was immediately shut off by Adblocker (If you don't have it, you would have an annoying ad page to close off manually. I used to put up with that but I was dumb, adblock is life). Then the play button became all shining and white and clicking on it started the video.
As you can see I'm using a streaming website called gogoanime, but the server providing the video is "streamango". All I have to do to get to the next episode is to click on the yellow link under the video.

Also be aware that depending on the video you watch, you may have ad breaks in them, and using adblock will then make the video stop and flicker and resume without showing any ads. It's normal.

And all this hassle is why I'd rather pirate than stream, but streaming is way more legal and requires no software, whilst P2p will require one.

Also, if you want a specific episode, the way things are online, it's easiest for you to use this format: "Westworld S02E03" change per episode you're after. It'll get you very specific links.

So for example I just googled this  and clicked on the first link (putlocker is generally ok) :

Which led me to this page.

Now clicking that green button triggered an ad that was taken care of, and I had to click on it again to open the video proper. Then clicking the play button of that video opened another ad, and that one slipped past adblock, so I had to manually close a page that told me my Flash Player is outdated. hehe
Then, finally hit the play button again and the goodness starts, all free of charges :

Nowadays though you can pay small fees to stream fully legally, via youtube or others. But hell, this streaming is just too damn easy.  8)
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