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Author Topic: What's the name of that book? - Lost and Found for novels  (Read 58879 times)

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Re: What's the name of that book? - Lost and Found for novels
« Reply #135 on: April 27, 2019, 04:48:07 PM »
Not sure if this thread is still active. I'm new to the site. But anyway, I am looking for a book from the 90s, I guess YA Fantasy. I remember the cover was 2 dragons one black one white battling. The main character was a young white dragon, one of the first born in a while. I think there was a female too, and they were the hope of the next generation.
But the clan of dragons met the black dragons and began fighting. It turns out whenever a black dragon falls so does a white dragon. The battle between them is their doom. It's kind of a sad end of dragons book in a way.
I'm not even sure why it sticks out in my mind so much, but I would really like to find it.

Have done searches to no avail, but figured this was as good a place as any.

I have no idea, but @Lady Ty is quite the dragon expert...
Dragon addict, but not expert JR  ;D  Sorry, Brand  I tried hard to think of a book that may fit, but no luck.
You never know with this thread, it is always worth trying, people come back ages later with an answer so who knows.  Maybe @Elfy has a suggestion? He is our supreme library master.
I had a thought about this. E. E. Knight did a series that may be it.

@Elfy you are a marvel,and jogged a long ago memory. Is this familiar, Brand?

Think I need to seek these out for a re-read.

No, that's not it, unfortunately. while I can't be positive, I am pretty sure it was standalone. I thought it was at first. I appreciate the help. This has been driving me crazy for years. It had to be the early 90s when it was out.