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Author Topic: #TheDarkIsReading Twitter book club (Dec 20th) & TDiR Readathon on now!  (Read 398 times)

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Since 2013, I have run The Dark is Rising Worldwide Readathon (TDiR Readathon) every two years with hundreds of readers from around the globe joining in reading Susan Cooper's (Winner of the World Fantasy Lifetime Acheivement Award in 2013) The Dark is Rising Sequence.

Recently, author Robert Macfarlane and poet Julia Bird announced #TheDarkIsReading Twitter book club which will be reading The Dark is Rising (Book 2) starting on December 20th (Midwinter’s Eve), the day on which the story begins. They have over 1000 readers ready to join in reading this classic children's fantasy. The book is a popular Christmas reading tradition.

TDiR Readathon will be joining them on the 20th but also doing our standard re-read of the whole 5-book series. As #TheDarkIsReading will strictly be a Twitter entity, we will be utilizing our Facebook group and Twitter account as well (see my signature).

If you're interested you can find more details on Julia Bird's blog:

and on the TDiR Readathon blog:

For Robert Macfarlane's take on the book:

I hope you'll join us!
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