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Title: Tamora pierce
Post by: Stars Cascade on March 25, 2015, 06:12:44 PM
I vaguely remember reading her circle magic books as a teenager but not much else, someone has recommended i get more of her books but i dont know where to start.

Title: Re: Tamora pierce
Post by: Arry on March 25, 2015, 07:10:05 PM
I had someone tell me to read them in chronological/published order because they are in the same world and you get glimpses mentions of events/characters from previous ones. My impression was that it was like Abercrombie's work in a way. You can read his standalone books independently, but you get a bit more out of them if you read the previous books first.

Though, I have not read them yet, so maybe someone who has can jump in and correct me if I'm wrong? I know @xiagan (;u=1148) is a fan of her books and has recommended them to me in the past.
Title: Re: Tamora pierce
Post by: Ryan Mueller on March 25, 2015, 07:11:16 PM
I started with Alanna: The First Adventure. It's a fun story if you're into YA fantasy.
Title: Re: Tamora pierce
Post by: xiagan on March 25, 2015, 09:26:50 PM
Arry is right, I do love her books even if I'm certainly not her target audience since she writes YA with strong, female, adolescent heroes. ;)

If you remember what the Circle of Magic was about, it would be a good idea to read on in that series. It takes place in another world than all her other books and the later circle books are quite strong imho.

You have four books in the Circle of Magic quartet and four more in the Circle Opens quartet. The first of them is Magic Steps, the second one Street Magic, the third Cold Fire and the fourth Shatterglass. Each deals with one of the four main characters (Sandy, Briar, Daja and Triss) and are not connected, so you can read them in any order. They are darker than the first quartet and deal with assassination, gang warfare, murder and arson. All of them are really good and much stronger than the first four books. After that comes The Will of the Empress, which is one of my favorite, Melted Stones and Battle Magic. That is the release order, chronological would be Battle Magic first and the other two simultaneously, so it's not that important in which order they're read. Just read them after the eight Circle books.

Her other books all take place in Tortall, a medieval Europe with Knights, Dragons and other mythical creatures.

First comes the Alanna quartet, four books about the most famous female knight mage of that age and how she became a knight when girls weren't allowed to do so and her adventures throughout the realm.

Next would be the Immortals books, another quartet with Daine the wildmage as the main character. This is one of my favorite series in Tortall and it deals with a girl who has magic with animals and a world that get turned upside down by the arrival of dragons, ogres, unicorns, basilisks, centaurs and all the rest.
This is the series I read first and you do meet characters from the Alanna books in it (with mild spoilers), so reading that first makes sense but isn't strictly necessary.

After those comes another quartet (Pierce seems to love them) starring the first female page since Alanna and the first official one. They're called Protector of the Small  and really strong too. They deal among other themes with bullying.

Simultaneously with them are the two books Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen which have Alanna's daughter Ally as the main character and takes place on some jungle islands where the natives rebel against their white colonialists and slave masters. It's a two-novel-set about spy work, scheming and intrigue and can theoretically be read as a stand alone.

Last but not least comes a trilogy that can definitely be read without having read all the others since it takes place 200 years before the other books and the kingdom of Tortall is much less evolved and refined, with mass poverty, slavery, iron law and coppers only surviving through danegeld and being as much rogue as lawman. The main character is Beka Cooper who is a trainee police woman in the poorest quarter of the capital city. The first book is about child abduction, the second about counterfeit and the third about slavery and betrayal. They're as much criminal stories as fantasy and really good. They're called Terrier, Bloodhound and Mastiff.

Hope this helps. :)
Title: Tamora pierce
Post by: Stars Cascade on March 25, 2015, 09:40:11 PM
That is a LOT of books to get hold of.

Crikey, ok. i shall see what i can find.
Title: Re: Tamora pierce
Post by: Elfy on March 25, 2015, 11:45:56 PM
@Lejays17 (;u=21520) is another one who really likes her books and has read a fair few of them if not everything.
Title: Re: Tamora pierce
Post by: Lejays17 on March 26, 2015, 06:48:43 AM
@Lejays17 (;u=21520) is another one who really likes her books and has read a fair few of them if not everything.

Pretty much go along with Xiagan's post in terms of reading order.

That being said, I preferred the Emelan (Circle) books to the Tortall (Alanna) books, even though I did start with the Alanna's first of all.  I preferred the Immortals series (Daine) to the others in Tortall, I'm not sure if I've actually finished Keladry's series - I have them all, but I don't rememner anything at all about the last one, so I suspect I've never read it.