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Author Topic: Are 'Wheel of Time' / 'Game of Thrones' long winded?  (Read 12587 times)

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Re: Are 'Wheel of Time' / 'Game of Thrones' long winded?
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Oh, Sansa. I disliked her character so, so much (in GoT; that's the only one I've read, so far). So blind, and whiny, and juvenile.

In regards to WoT, I read the first few books in high school, and I remember enjoying them quite a bit. Then I got to The Lord of Chaos (which ever number that is), and I got so damned bored I couldn't even get through it. WoT is on my re-read list, because I'd like to be able to get through the series... But I worry about the Sanderson books being so different from the rest of the series, and lord only knows when the series will actually be completed... D:

Sansa is quite interesting in AFFC once she gets out of Kings Landing.

Sanderson is going to finish the WOT books in 2012.  November I believe.  He's made every deadline he's posted.  And the quality of them is a real step up over Jordan's books 7-12.  IMO.
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Re: Are 'Wheel of Time' / 'Game of Thrones' long winded?
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Simple answer: yes.
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