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Author Topic: Shadows of Self  (Read 10821 times)

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Re: Shadows of Self
« Reply #75 on: December 14, 2015, 08:16:52 AM »
So, according to Amazon, this is a Book 5 of 5.

Is this correct? I usually try not to get into fantasy series until they have a clear end in sight (see Kingkiller and ASoIaF) but if this series is already completed then it certainly moves to the top of my TBR.
Amazon is stupid.

Books 1-3 are a complete trilogy, with medieval-era technology. You can read those, since they are a self-contaed story. Sanderson intended to write two more trilogies on that world, one with 80s tech and one with interstellar travel, with hundreds of years between each trilogy and completely new characters each time. He still intends to write those two trilogies.

However, he has ended up adding more books to the plan, which is where books 4 and 5 come in. These books have industrial revolution as the tech level, so they fall between the first and second trilogies in the original plan chronologically, and again have completely new characters. There will be two more books set in this era before Sanderson moves on to the next era - this unplanned quadrilogy should be finished roughly in the next year (he just needs to write the final book).

So yeah, you can go ahead and read books 1-3 if you want.  :P
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Re: Shadows of Self
« Reply #76 on: December 14, 2015, 01:49:44 PM »
Thank you for the clarification, Raptori! This is why I get my fantasy advice from this group, rather than Amazon.

I had been under the impression that the first three Mistborn were a standalone trilogy, then I once I go to purchase them, Amazon has them listed as a five-book series, which had me confused. Now, since that's cleared up, I can pick up this series with a better understanding of what I'm actually getting into.

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Re: Shadows of Self
« Reply #77 on: December 18, 2015, 08:47:43 PM »
Finished it yesterday eve. Great book with an amazing twist in the end. Absolutely one of Sanderson's best.

Spoiler for Hiden:
I hope Wax is strong enough not to break and I'm curious what (or if) Harmony will do to get into Wax's good books again.

I was disappointed with Hoid's appearance too and agree with most of the speculation about Trell.

I think the real motor for progress will be Wayne and that inventor's daughter he talked to in the end. Wouldn't be surprised if they invent radio and TV in book three. ;)

One thing that bothered me was how little consequence there is for shooting (legal and psychological). I think Wax killed about 50 human beings in this book and it's neither bothering him nor does he get into trouble about it.
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