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Re: Miscellaneous Musings about Books
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Surprises are one thing, but I feel they've been blown all out of proportion over the last decade or so. Important turning points in the story don't need to be told in advance to people who have not already read(watched/played) it of course. But I very often see people treating absolutely everything as a secret that must be kept from potential audiences, leading to forum discussions where the entire page is nothing but spoiler blocks. "There are Jawas in episode 2." So what?! That's not a spoiler. It does not reveal any plot point of the entire show. If there are people who really wouldn't want to know about such things, they would not be reading discussion threads about the show. I understand erring on the side of caution, but I often feel it's getting silly.

And I find that actually this obsession with twists and reveals is rather detrimental to a lot of storytelling that is around these days. Everything gets bend over backwards to allow for amazing twists, with the result that everything else about the story doesn't really work. Surprises are cheap. A really good story still should work on the second and third reading.
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Re: Miscellaneous Musings about Books
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When I pick a book, I need to be sure I'm going to enjoy it.
Oh man, I wish I knew a way to do that!  I often find myself 300 pages into a book and still unsure if I'm going to enjoy it.   ;D
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