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Author Topic: Fantasy tropes - What do we love and hate, and are they really that bad?  (Read 3670 times)

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That's why I preferred, for example, the way they brought Morgan Freedman into Robin Hood as a Moor in the 90s Kevin Costner film. It's not just that it felt more "authentic", but the act of bridging cultural differences to form a friendship added meaning.  In contrast, SciFi's Merlin had a black Guinevere.  (again, I like that they did this!)  So while there was actually diversity in Europe at that time, she's very much stripped of any cultural character.

Probably doesn't add a whole lot to the conversation, but I do feel that I need to point out that the casting of Morgan Freeman as a Moor in Prince of Thieves wasn't something that the makers of that film came up with. Making a Moor a member of Robin Hood's band was first done in the BBC series Robin Hood, also referred to as The Hooded Man from Clannad's haunting theme music. It predates Prince of Thieves by 7 or so years. Since that they've put Moors in the band, there was Djaq (a Moorish female) in the 90's BBC Robin Hood which was pretty dreadful on nearly every other count, except for Keith Allen's Sheriff who was in turn inspired by Alan Rickman's brilliant take on the role in Prince of Thieves, and Jamie Foxx takes on the Moorish role in last year's awful take of the legend.
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