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Re: The Wheel of Time
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I am about 60 pages into the first book and despite being still in the first scene and no end of it anywhere in sight, I am somehow still not bored by it.
I can see why so many people love the first books. And how the writer ended up writing thousands of pages with nothing happening in the later books.

I am pretty certain I won't read the whole series and very much doubt I'll go past the third or the fourth. But right now I think it's looking pretty good to at least finish this book.
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Re: The Wheel of Time
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Hello all!

Seeing as it's the big release day of the final book in the Wheel of Time saga, A Memory of Light, tomorrow - I thought it would be worth setting up a little discussion thread.

I've noticed that an awful lot of people on here either haven't read WoT, or have read it and fell out with it for different reasons - come say your piece about the Wheel of Time!

Maybe some of you love it (like me) and are looking forward to tomorrow as much as I am. Again - tell us what you think of this fantasy epic!

I for one, came to this series after having read a lot of the very light "epic" fantasy out there, like Terry Brooks and David Eddings - looking for something a bit bigger in scale. I found exactly what I wanted. I was a bit apprehensive about the whole "farmboy fights dark lord" premise, but it was that prologue - that little slice of genius - that kept me intrigued. And I'm so glad I kept reading.

Yes, the series became bloated to the extent that, in my opinion, Crossroads of Twilight is an overwritten and unneeded mess - but luckily Brandon Sanderson really has managed to bring everything together to deliver 2 (if not 3!) amazing books to bring the series to a close.

So what do you think of the Wheel of Time? Do you want to read it? Are you as apprehensive as I once was? Or do you await the Last Battle with relish? Or perhaps you just wish the Dark One would come and remove the entire saga from the pattern!

And please, to those that have read it - use spoiler tags!  :)

Just “re-read” (as in listened to) “The Eye of the World”. Enjoyed it a lot, more than I thought I would, but also aware of the many flaws I knew were there even if not specifically remembered.

I suspect everyone has read the books, but I’ll still do spoilers.

(Meanwhile, I’ll have to come back later to edit this post. Your patience is appreciated.  ;D)
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