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Introduction and recommendation request
« on: October 10, 2015, 01:50:17 PM »
I want to see in fantasy and S+S: obscureness actualised, i.e originality. But I like the old ground too. The Odyssey, Tolkien. Denethor, Gollum. DnD's svirfnevblin. Robert E Howard's exoticism, grand historical and cosmic scope - all the characters are dust in the wind, but there is passion in being part of that connected whirl, that narrative among the chaos.
The mystery of monsters, spirits, gods, etc - i.e nature. Not some Hollywood crass stuff. Feasible levels of power for even the most powerful. Being grateful for a small blade, decent pair of boots, friend of an average level of kindness.
The psychological truth in mythology. The real lives inside mythology and legends and history - history often being just as strange and horrific and amazing as legend, and always more complex. The small ocurrences of everyday lives in rich circumstances - much literature deals with this of course. Wide assortments of fucked up people. Real people transposed into fantasy. Or distorted, enlarged, like Gormenghast.
I liked in Zelda (Majora's Mask) - people going bout their business. Postmen, Innkeepers, circus leaders, mayors. Intimate details enriching the whole thing. And skull kids leading you away from your humanity like will o' the wisp fairies:)
I also love the complexity of history and the Forgotten Realms - its including everything - all influences, from Frost Giants to Rakshasa, underground earth-spirit shifting kingdoms to city-bastions of magical towers.

Anyone know any good paths to go down, or just relate?

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Re: Introduction and recommendation request
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Your message reads like it has been through Google Translate (possibly backwards) Where are you from?
From what I can make out try Peter Newmans The Vagrant (not sure what it has been translated into) and see how you get on

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Re: Introduction and recommendation request
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You might consider: Pathfinder - it is an RPG world like DnD - reads well.  You might also consider Dragonlance series. 

For non-RPG novels - you might consider Brandon Sanderson and his Mistborn series.  There is also David Gemmell's sword and sorcery type novels. 

There is also the Thieves World series edited by Robert Asprin - yes it is old - but it still read well - in this connected world. 

For a more sword and sorcery type of novel - you might consider Simon R Green's Hawk and Fisher series. 

There is also Wheel of Times series - which has a lot of different characters from innkeepers to queens, magic, legends and myths and a ton of incredible world building and everything in between.