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Author Topic: Hunter's Run by George RR Martin, Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abrahams  (Read 1218 times)

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I read this the other day.  It's set on the planet of Sao Paulo in our distant future where man has made it out to the stars.  Our protagonist, Ramon, is a prospector who is hiding out from the authorities after murdering an ambassador, when he discovers an alien installation. The suspicious aliens capture him and render him unconscious. When Ramon wakes up, he learns that another man had followed him into the alien hideout, but has since escaped, presumably to reveal the existence of the aliens to the rest of the colony. The aliens do not want this and thereby enslave Ramon using highly advanced technology, deciding that since he is human, he can be used to track down and find the other intruder.  From there a very enthralling game of cat and mouse begins, with some mind blowing twists.  The book also raises some really intelligent questions on identity, on the 'other' and is a really insightful psychological study of a flawed anti hero.   

The writing process of the novel is also fascinating:

In 1976 science fiction author and editor Gardner Dozois conceived of a story beginning with a man floating in darkness. Dozois conceived of Ramon's name, ethnicity (feeling that Hispanic protagonists were under-represented in science fiction) and his basic situation, but the story did not proceed far. The following year, whilst working as a guest instructor at a Catholic women's college at the invitation of his friend and colleague George R. R. Martin, Dozois read the story out loud. Martin thought the story was interesting and waited for Dozois to finish it, but Dozois found himself unable to do so. In 1981 Dozois suggested that Martin continue the story instead, which he did, bringing the story to the beginning of the chase sequence. Martin hit on the idea of expanding the story to a 500-page novel exploring the eco-system of São Paulo and drew thematic similarities between Ramon and his alien keeper Maneck to Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer journeying down the Mississippi.

Having written the story until he stalled in 1982, Martin handed the story back to Dozois, suggesting they alternate working on it until it was done. However, Dozois was unable to come up with any ideas on how to proceed and the book remained in his desk drawer until 2002, when he and Martin decided to bring the story to the attention of a third author, Daniel Abraham. Abraham finished the story off and it was published as Shadow Twin as a small-press novella in 2004. Dozois then went back and reworked the manuscript into a 380-page novel, renamed Hunter's Run, for publication in 2007.
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Re: Hunter's Run by George RR Martin, Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abrahams
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This book is often overlooked, but I'm surprised GRRM's fame hasn't brought it back into the limelight. I hope some movie producer somewhere is pitching at this moment.
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