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Author Topic: Mavesh Murad and (FF forum member!) Jared Shurin, announce Djinnthology!  (Read 1224 times)

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Solaris Books, alongside Mavesh Murad and Jared Shurin (who, as we all know, is a great member of these forums!) announced a new SFF anthology for release in 2017: Djinnthology.

Both Murad and Shurin are brilliant, and the theme sounds like a ton of fun!

News from the official release:

Introducing the first-ever anthology of original fiction inspired by the Djinn, edited by Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin.

Jinn – or djinn! – have been a fascinating part of many cultures for centuries. Every country touched by Islam has their own version of these interesting mythological figures embedded in their cultural heritage: including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt, and even parts of Africa.

Nor has the West gone without. The Djinn have been a beloved (if overlooked) part of English and American fiction as well – more than simply Aladdin and I Dream of Jeannie! Djinn have appeared in classics of modern fantasy by Neil Gaiman and Tim Powers, as well as the acclaimed recent books by Helene Wecker and G. Willow Wilson.

Across the world, the Djinn have been presented as mischievous, powerful, devious, mysterious, good and evil, majestic, devilish and more… but despite their fascinating history and incredible cultural impact, the stories of these ‘hidden people’ have never before inspired a contemporary anthology.

Coming for spring 2017 from Solaris Books, Djinnthology is an exciting, new collection of original stories inspired by the history of these supernatural creatures. Speaking of his excitement about the project Solaris Editor-in-Chief has said “Jared Shurin and Mahvesh Murad are not only editors of exceptional taste, but they are also amongst genre’s newest champions – showing how valid a form of literature and expression speculative fiction is, and taking genre fiction forward in leaps and bounds with what promises to be a diverse, fresh and exciting anthology.”

More details on The Book Smugglers.

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Well if no one else is going to say it, I will. Congratulations, I look forward to seeing it in print.