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Author Topic: Game themed books (LitRPG, D&D, Final Fantasy etc)  (Read 135 times)

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Game themed books (LitRPG, D&D, Final Fantasy etc)
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Didn't find a thread for this.

I got into this genre quite recently after Arcane Ascension by Andrew Rowe and find myself fascinated. This seems to be a quite delicate balance to achieve keeping readers interested in plot and gameplay and not overload them stats and skill trees.

I loved playing these games, though I don't have that much time to sink on games, this is proving to be a suitable alternative.

I've read all of Andrew Rowe's books.
Currently reading Euphoria Online books.

So what else is recommended?
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Re: Game themed books (LitRPG, D&D, Final Fantasy etc)
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I like a fair bit of LitRPG, though some of it is horribly written trash that makes me vounce off hard.
Some good ones:
God of Gnomes by Demi Harper is basically Dungeon Keeper cross with Black & White with added whimsy. I really enjoyed it.
Crafter's Dungeon is pretty fun, and focused on a dungeon cored more interested in crafting and building than killign advenurers.
CivCEO is a bit different, focussed on trade deals and village building, but fun too.

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