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Author Topic: The one book  (Read 7604 times)

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Re: The one book
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Have to be The Hobbit. Probably read 7 or 8 times.
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Re: The one book
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I've read The Song of Phaid the Gambler by Mick Farren at least five times. It wanders between fantasy, western, and science-fiction.
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Re: The one book
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I very rarely read books more than once.
The ones I read over and over again are Rothfuss Kingkiller Chronicles. I read "name of the wind" 6 times and "wise mans fear" 3 times...

I also reread GR Matthews "Stone road" and "Silent City" when I was looking for quotes to put on a fanshort I designed ;) Though those are very short compared to Rothfuss and therefore didn't demand a lot of time.