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Your preference?

No problem starting unfinished series. If something awesome is available right now, why wait 2 or more years until it's complete? If I really liked it, I don't mind re-reading if necessary. Otherwise, it's simply a book out of the way.
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I prefer to wait until it is finished. I like to read a series in one go, so I stay fully immersed with the characters, plot and world. I don't like to wait for sequels and long waits are even worse. I feel I lose connection with the story.
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Both. I regularly read complete series, unfinished ones and newly released books. I read what grabs my attention at the moment. Sometimes I think if I read it now or wait. Depends on authors.
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Re: Do you read unfinished series or prefer to wait?
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I read whatever catches my eye and I don't care if it is completed or not.
I like reading complete series - meaning I can binge read them all - but I also love finding new authors and helping to spread the word!
Thankfully I have a really good brain when it comes to remembering plots - so even after some years break between books I can just jump right back in and the rest will come back in just a few pages. In my head a series grows into just one big book. I often couldn't tell what happened in which book (especially in series like Harry Dresden with so many books out), but I know what happened to the characters and world. Just not seperated into single books.

If I actually had to reread the older books I might tend to prefer to wait.