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I'm not the least bit religious, but as long as a book isn't preaching about why I should have religion in my life, I don't have issues with. Religion is often in the center of conflicts and societies in history, it makes sense that it would feature heavily in epic fantasy. It is a very important component of how people function, what motivates them. As long as the author approaches religion in the same way as they should approach characters it should be fine. Avoid blatant stereo-types (or creating stereotypes within the fictional world), make it realistic, don't preach to the reader. Religion provides so many possibilities for conflict! Both personal and on a larger scale, there is so much room to build your world, your characters and the story.

I sure agree with this -- especially the warning not to preach to the reader, unless of course one is specifically writing for a certain religious genre (such as Enclave Publishing which publishes Christian fantasy and sci-fi) with a fan base that already wants and expects that. But it isn't just the major religions such as Christianity where authors can fall into the preaching trap. With some New Age paranormal and ascended master types of fiction, the authors would surely feel they are not preaching, just telling a good story. But in fact, it's blatantly obvious the authors feel their spiritual slant is superior, and the authors make sure their characters come to understand, in the end, just how superior that spiritual school of thought is.


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