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Author Topic: Black Leopard Red Wolf  (Read 2953 times)

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Re: Black Leopard Red Wolf
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2019, 08:02:48 AM »
I did enjoy the book, gave it 4 out of 5 stars but I agonised a lot over that rating. Here's my Goodreads review.

It took me a good 100 pages to get into it -- not because it's bad but because it's different in so many ways. Nothing is generic or straight-forward: the setting, the voice, the storytelling, and the prose all challenge the 'norm'. I can understand why some people find it difficult or even pretentious. But the fact is I thoroughly enjoyed reading the full 620 pages of it.
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Re: Black Leopard Red Wolf
« Reply #16 on: September 11, 2019, 09:53:26 AM »
For toddler reasons, I was at the library this afternoon so I hunted down a copy and read the first chapter. (I see why it was getting unusual press for a fantasy book--there aren't many fantasy authors who've won the Man Booker prize. In fact, my library hasn't even got it marked as fantasy.) Definitely a great voice! Strong and interesting to read, though I'm not much for that adventure fable sort of style. But I'll give it a proper go at some point when I haven't four other things desperately clamouring for attention.

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Re: Black Leopard Red Wolf
« Reply #17 on: September 20, 2019, 04:44:01 AM »
It's really f**ing good, once you get used to Tracker being bitter and violent and lashing out at anyone and everyone near him.  I have to fight with myself *not* to read this book when i have so many other things to do.

@Eclipse In answer to your question:

Nighteyes and Saraband because they were in the thread, cupi because she wasn't.

More specifically, its a book with a very literary appeal, and i thought it might help cupi cross over a bit. I think of Lanko as mired more centrally the genre. (Also, she responds to my summons and Lanko doesn't.) It's not a book I would have picked for you either, eclipse, but it's not as bad as Beyond Redemption, from what I've heard of it, and while the main character spends his time pretending not to care about things, will all of his macho posturing, but deep inside really does care so its very grimy, very dark, but not grimdark in that there are no redeemable qualities to any of the characters.  You also have no idea what is true or not as he's speaking to an inquisitor about people he may be trying to protect.

I would say this book is more like Toni Morrison's Beloved crossed with a touch of African Alice in Wonderland but Alice is a hard-boiled PI looking for a missing child she doesn't care about with a band of adventurers half of whom she's banged at one point.
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Re: Black Leopard Red Wolf
« Reply #18 on: March 31, 2020, 04:58:27 PM »
I've just finished it so I'll see if I can revive this thread.

It's a weird book. It reminds me a bit of Abercrombie but while his books tend to feel grounded and realistic this one feels quite dreamlike and surreal. Overall I liked it, but it's quite confusing in places.