July 12, 2020, 08:03:19 AM

Author Topic: Need artwork for your book cover? I have just the thing for you.  (Read 1588 times)

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Hello all. 

My name is Brent. I am an aspiring author much like yourselves. Now, like anything else in life, I have quickly learned that becoming an author is hard work. One of many things to consider once you bring yourself to a level where your ready to publish (albeit self publish or otherwise) is artwork for your book cover.

What if I dont sell physical copies?

Glad you asked.  I'm sure you would like some cover art for your downloadable book as well? something to give your potential customer the extra push to purchase?

Meh, in all honesty i'm not the artist. I wont make a cent off of any decision you make here today. However if i delve deep into the archives of my considerably sized network in the world of artists I do have one to recomend to each and every one of you.  He has worked in TV and Movies as a story board artist as well as has a self published comic through a NYC publisher. This artist is good ladies and gentleman. And exceptionally affordable. To inquire please contact me at

(its a brand new facebook just opend today okay? dont hate the fact that i have no friends)



if your still reading by now you should go ahead and click on the links to inquire. I'll show you some of his work and if your STILL interested by then you will know where to contact him. Thanks, and much apriciated.