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Title: The Crippled God: Book Five
Post by: xiagan on October 11, 2014, 10:38:02 AM
Errastas really is batshit crazy. I hope what he's done will provide his demise.
I, too, think he hasn't planned with mortals joining the game.

Does Kilmandaros wants to die?
She doesn't know that Draconus has changed inside Dragnipur, curious what will come from their meeting.

Poor Mappo. The scene in Icarias was creepy.

I don't exactly get why Gruntle and Kilava fight now. Do you?

Yedan's battle was epic. But the waste of lives, knowing that nothing will happen until only a few are left, bores me somehow.  That inevitable futility...

I never liked the Liosan, but being driven into a senseless war by a mad leader is not what they deserve. Will Father Light finally come back?

What will save the Bonehunters from their thirst? Especially now that they found the Snake.

I don't get why Blistig is still a fist.

Was great to see Kruppe again. Those definitely aren't normal arrows.

The Bridgeburners and their undead oxen with wagons full of kittens. Hilarious.

Silchas meeting Tulas Shorn. Epic. Is he the ex-king of the then unbroken Kurald Emurlahn?
Their insulting each other was like Stormy and Gesler.
What massive secret had Rake shared with Tulas? Something about Korabas? Would come in handy...
Title: Re: The Crippled God: Book Five
Post by: eclipse on November 10, 2014, 02:59:28 PM
Never can have too many Kittens  ;)

Stop you bitching Fid,Besides, you ain't as alone as you think you are

Book five Yedan was a scene stealer it was Awesome reading about  Yedan fighting against hounds and Dragons

Good to see Kruppe giving Torrent a shiny new weapon

Mappo reached the city and having a hard time
Title: Re: The Crippled God: Book Five
Post by: ScarletBea on October 20, 2020, 10:02:21 AM
- "Barely 1000" left in the Snake? Gosh, how many were there in the first place?
And Badalle moved them! Through a warren? It seems there's now in the Glass Desert, where were they before? Who are they really?
Are the Malazans meeting them?

- Kilava waiting in front of a gate for the Liosan to come? Like the Shake?

- Badalle saves Mappo! Then he reaches the city and hears her words! She is so lovely...
Actually, is the Snake a memory? Is that happening in a different time scale?

- Kittens ;D I want some kittens against my enemies too ;D

- The Shake battle!

- Ohmygawd Errastas is truly the evil one, like a spoiled brat who was put in his place and so wants to destroy everything until only he remains! Will it be the Malazans to emprision the Otataral again? With Ganoes' help?