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Author Topic: Book Club - How it Works (Rules, Themes, Voting, Discussions, Twitter, etc)  (Read 4404 times)

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Firstly, the book club is meant to be a fun opportunity for forum members to read and discuss books together. This is not supposed to be work, it is not supposed to be a burden. It's just for fun and an excellent way to chat about books, which is really what we are all about. Below I will outline a bit about how book club works, nominations, themes, voting, discussions and twitter.


What we do is take suggestions from our forum members for one week about 8 weeks prior to the month. Two out of every three months will have a theme attached to it. Simple example: if the theme is 'Dragons', all books nominated must feature a dragon. We do this to help diversify the book club selections, and just add a bit of fun. We are always happy to hear suggestions or requests for themes. You can do that, as well as view potential and previous themes in our Theme/Genre Suggestions thread. Every third month, we will not have a theme and then anything genre goes as long as it meets are standard criteria.

Criteria for books nominated:
  • Must be either a 1st in series or a standalone book
  • Either paperback or affordable e-book must be available in the UK and the US (preference for paperback)
  • Author has not been selected for a book club read within the past 12 months
  • Fit the theme (if there is one)
  • Must be speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror are all eligible)


After nominations are complete, we open a poll and our members vote on which book they would like to read. When the poll opens, all users will be able to vote for their top 2 - 3 choices. During the week of voting, we will eliminate the books with the fewest votes to narrow down the choices. This means it is very helpful to check back on the poll mid-week to see if you need to recast your vote. Also at that time, each user will be asked to reduce to one book choice. If more than one of your selected books makes it to the final round, we ask that you select 'Remove Vote' and recast your single vote. After one week, the vote will close (unless there is still a tie and we need to do a short run-off). This will give users about 6 weeks to obtain the book – either borrow it, buy it, find it and pull it out from your collection, etc.

When placing a vote for Book club, we ask that you only vote for a book if you intend to participate in the discussions. I know it can be tempting to cast a vote when you see a book that you loved and want others to read it. If you plan on participating, great, go for it. But if you don’t have time for a re-read or don’t plan to participate in the discussions, please leave the vote alone and let the participants decide amongst themselves what they would like to read. You are more than welcome to lobby for the book in the nomination thread, let people know why you think they should vote for it. But if you are unable to participate in the discussions for a book, please don’t vote for it.

When the poll is over, we will post a 'Who's Reading with us?' thread to let members let us know who will be participating (and maybe share some excitement over the selection).


We want discuss our books in a way that will not spoil the story, so we limit how much you can discuss and when. For each book, we will post weekly discussion breakpoints in the 'Who's Reading with us?' thread. The will correlate as closely to 25% of the book as possible depending on how the chapters are set up.

Each week, you can discuss in full detail for any area of the book that has been officially covered. Please use spoiler tags for any comments that you are worried may be outside of the covered criteria. If you read faster than our weekly discussions show up, you can always stop at the breakpoint and jot down your ideas/impression/questions for that section so they are ready when the discussions do open. That way you still have your comments and you can read on without worrying about remembering what happened where in the book.

In addition to our 4 discussion threads, we also have 2 threads that are completely spoiler free.
  • First Impressions - This is a place where readers can leave their initial thoughts as they first start to read. Often people have a reaction at the very beginning, it's a great chance to share these, maybe pull in some readers that were unsure if they want to read or just see if other members are reacting to the book the same as you are.
  • Spoiler Free Book Review - This is a place to leave completely spoiler free comments after completing the book. It should be a useful resource for anyone who was unable to join us to see how our book club reacted to it (without risking reading spoiler filled discussions). There is also a poll in this thread where you can rate the book.

Want Reminders?
If you are on Twitter, follow @FFBookClub for announcements on
  • When Nominations open
  • When Voting Opens
  • When a Book Has Been Selected
  • Discussions and Quotes about the chosen book

Previous Book Club Discussion
You can check our Index of all Fantasy Faction Book Club Reads to see every book we have chosen in the past. We never 'close' a book club discussion, so everyone is welcome to add thoughts and comments to any of our discussions regardless of when the book was chosen.

Read Alongs
We have set up an area of the forum for more informal Read Alongs. This can also be an area for Science Fiction readers to get together to organize a group read as well as readers that want to re-read a book or series before a new release. This would not be a substitute for book club, but an option for members that are looking to read a book that is either not likely or not eligible to be selected for book club. Pretty much, there will be no restrictions on what books could be eligible for read alongs. Could be any book from within a series, you could do a series back to back, you can read books that are not available globally … whatever interests you that you can find other people interested in joining a read for.

Still Have questions?
Always happy to answer! You can ask them in the Book Club Q&A.
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