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Author Topic: New layout/organization of the Book Club Section  (Read 2041 times)

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New layout/organization of the Book Club Section
« on: December 30, 2013, 10:04:19 PM »
OK, I set this up last week and have decided I think I like it. Just a heads up for those of you that visit the area frequently or infrequently, here's a run down of my idea with the changes:

The Science Fiction book club is no longer an on going thing, so I wanted to remove that section to prevent confusion. With trying to move it into this area, the board was getting a bit busy with all of the book clubs that are no longer active, it required scrolling to get to current topics (like nominations/voting).

So … here it is. I have decided to keep about 3 months worth directly on this section. It will be the current and upcoming book clubs. I will also have a board directly off of this board with all of the book club reads from this year (after they are moved off of this main page). This will give all of the book clubs from the current year listed on this screen. After the year is done, the entire board for the year will be moved to the Book Club Archives.

Because I worry this will make it harder to see all of the books we have already done, I have created a spread sheet to keep track. There's not a good spreadsheet within the forum, so I am doing it in Google Docs, and just providing the link: Fantasy Faction Book Club Index The first tab lists all of the books, and then there are tabs for each genre.

My explanation probably sounds more confusing/complicated than it is. Or maybe it was obvious and needed no explanation. But just incase, there it is. I think moving forward, this should be a good layout and will keep the current book clubs from getting cluttered.

Let me know if you have any feedback, if it's good/bad/whatever. :)
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