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Author Topic: Announcement of the next three themes  (Read 243 times)

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Announcement of the next three themes
« on: August 20, 2020, 03:08:29 PM »
September, October, November - our next three themes

Hello all!
So here we are, not much closer to a decision on how to run the future writing contest but still announcing the next three themes! We liked this concept and think that summer is probably not the best time to run a trial, so we're doing it again. :)

On we go!


Steampunk Witch Doctor by Direimpulse

Airships and locomotives, corsets, parasols and clockworks. Steampunk is more than just steam (or even punk), it's a melding of fantasy, science fiction, alternate history, and many other genres. It can involve pirates on flying ships, pedigreed ladies doubling as assassins and spies, mad scientists in horrible laboratories or even steam-trains rushing over the ocean.

What does your steampunk universe look like? And what story do you have to tell?

OCTOBER: Ticking Time Bomb Scenario

The Clock by Thenoviceone

This month's theme can take place in Fantasy or Science Fiction or any related genre. The only objective we have for you is that you must give us a sense of real urgency and speed. Your story doesn't necessarily have to feature a time bomb but it needs to center around running out of time and may even leave the reader out of breath.

NOVEMBER: Prejudice

Pride and prejudice by Kleemass

Prejudice comes in many colours and flavours and your story can show us a way where it is overcome. Or not. After all it's the ruin of lots of things too and nobody said this is going to be a happy ever after story. In any case, you don't need to add Pride.


1. This must be prose or poetry.
2. The stories content must fit to the month's theme.
3. Prose must be 500-2000 words long [NEW!] (yes, again expanding the world count limit a bit)
4. Poetry must be 100-750 words long.
5. One story per person or writing team (not per account).
6. You will be disqualified if you exceed the limits, full stop. That's why they're called limits.
7. Your entry can't be published somewhere else before.
8. This is a writing contest, not a "I have written something like this ten years ago" contest. So if you happen to have a story that fits one of the themes, I'd like it to have a mayor overhaul/edit. Work for it. ;)
9. Please add your story's word count and, if you have, your twitter handle.
10. Please put your story in [ spoiler ] tags to make the thread easier to handle. :) You can find them above the smileys under the B.
Bonus rule: We consider voting in a contest you're taking part in a given. Others take time and effort to read the stories - you should do the same. A small community like ours lives from reciprocity and this contest needs stories as much as votes. 

If you want so submit your story anonymously you can do so by sending it in a personal message to @xiagan.

Entry will close at the first day of the month that comes after the month the theme was for and voting will begin somewhere around the same time too.

All members are eligible to join. If you are not a member you can join here. Sign up is free and all are welcome! :)

The winner will have their piece displayed on the main Fantasy Faction website sometime in the next months if we get this system running again - which I have high hopes for now that Bea is an admin here.

Submitting a story counts as published. The author retains all rights to their work.

Discussion or questions can be posted here [September], here [October] or here [November].
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