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Author Topic: [Sep 2018] - Meetings - Voting Thread  (Read 10528 times)

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Re: [Sep 2018] - Meetings - Voting Thread
« Reply #30 on: November 12, 2018, 08:59:25 PM »
Thanks @JMack @OnlyOneHighlander and @Jenny HJ for your votes (I only got 2 on the poll though, tech issues?  ??? ). Glad my story had the desired effect  :)

My votes went to @OnlyOneHighlander and @Carter

I really loved OOH's. In fact, your style and plots are something I'm really into generally it's turning out. In this case, the women talking of the loss of loved ones due to 'heroes' was a cool concept. I'd also love to see this developed!

Carter's was also interesting. The heroes who have to save the world again and again. Had a darkly comic feel to it which I liked. It had been a toss up between this and Jenny's story for second  :)

Thanks @Jake Baelish - that's really nice of you. I've been working on the idea again today, trying to fit it into a bigger narrative. Watch this space!

Thanks again everyone. Being part of this group has really helped me improve and gives great motivation to keep practising and improving.
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