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Author Topic: The Steel Remains Week 3: Chapters 18 - 25  (Read 7483 times)

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Re: The Steel Remains Week 3: Chapters 18 - 25
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Still liking this book so far.....

Archeth's storyline is still the best one at the moment but Egar's suddenly got a lot more intriguing when his 'God' prevented his death because he will be needed at some point in the future. Ringil's path seems to have taken an intriguing detour too.

For a fantasy book there seems to be quite a bit of a sci-fi influenced plot and worldbuilding going on...aliens, AI, space travel, time manipulation...and I'm finding it all fascinating.

With only a quarter of this book to go, I guess this is going to end up as being just a prelude to the actual main story which may not reveal itself until the next book...everything seems to point towards some kind of battle/war but it is still unclear how many factions there will be when it all kicks off and the reasons for it at the moment are all pure speculation...we've got this far into the story yet no one really knows what is going on.